Memorial for MR Robert Hamilton, Minister of the Gospel at Hamilton; Against the Duke of Hamilton.
Design and Operation for Pollution Prevention Via Mass Integration
Quality and Safety in Pharmacy Practice
The Funny Dreams of Dennis the Dartmoor Pony
Malinda Matters: Malinda's Halloween Adventure
What Does YOUR Daddy Do?
Who Would You Be?
Poetic Praises: Poems of Inspiration and Praise
A Fish Tale
Mammals on a Mission: 1. The Big Cat... 2.The Little Lamb... 3.The Cheeky Colt...
The Big Book of Dinosaurs
Thank You For Looking For Me
Oh If You Could Only See: All That's Living Here with Me
The Tao of Fortune or : Ancient Chinese Secrets to Your Wealth Building and Financial Freedom or
Buddy Goes To The Beach
Eddy the Elephant
America's Role in Revelation
The Lemonade Crash
Natural Evil from God. Being the Substance of a Discourse, Delivered at Pen-Y-Bryn Meeting-House, in Wrexham, on the General Fast-Day, April 19th, 1793. by Jenkin Lewis.
A Sermon Preach'd in the Cathedral of St. Peter, Exon at the Primary Visitation of ... Lancelot, Lord Bishop of Exeter, on Wednesday, July 30, 1718. by William Rayner, ...
Reflexions Upon Sach----------L's Thanksgiving-Day, and the Solemnities of That Great Festival. in a Letter to a Friend in the Country.
Public Worship Considered and Enforced, by Joseph Kinghorn
The Advantage of Employing the Poor in Useful Labour, ... in a Sermon Preached at St. Mary's in Beverley, October 10. 1725. ... by Sam. Johnston, ... the Second Edition
A Letter to the Reverend Dr. Sacheverel. with a Postscript, Concerning the Late Vindication of Him; In Answer to Mr. B----t's Modern Phanatick. by an Inferior Clergyman.
Priscilla Play
Johannis Freind Ad Celeberrimum Virum Ricardum Mead, M.D. de Quibusdam Variolarum Generibus Epistola.
Fifteen Sermons Preach'd on Several Occasions. by Nic. Brady. ... Vol.II. Volume 2 of 2
Poems on Several Occasions. by Myles Cooper,
Flights to Helicon: Or Petites Pieces, in Verse. by G. P. Tousey
Poems, Original and Translated, by the Rev. John Warton, M.a
The French Gil Blas; Or, Adventures of Henry Lanson. by M. Le Maine, of Nancy. Translated from the Third Edition in French. in Four Volumes. ... Volume 1 of 4
Heylsame Worte Des Glaubens Und Der Gottseeligkeit. Oder Kurtzer Entwurff Der Im Jahre 1733-34. Uber Die Ordentlichen Evangelien Gehaltenen Predigten. ... Von Henrich Werner Palm. ...
The French Gil Blas; Or, Adventures of Henry Lanson. by M. Le Maine, of Nancy. Translated from the Third Edition in French. in Four Volumes. ... Volume 2 of 4
The Hidden and Happy Life of a Christian, ... Exemplified, in an Extract from the Diary of Mr. John Glover, ... Published by John Carter
The History of Tobit; A Poem: With Other Poems, on Various Subjects. by Jane Timbury
Water Treatment: Principles and Practices of Water Supply Operations
National Depravity the Cause and Mark of Divine Judgement Upon a Land. a Sermon, ... Preached on ... February 4, 1780. by Benjamin Dawson,
Mr. Whiston's Letter of Thanks to the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of London, for His Late Letter to His Clergy Against the Use of New Forms of Doxology, &c.
The True Christ Owned as God and Man: By the People Called Quakers. in Answer to R. P's Scurrilous Pamphlet, Intituled, the True Christ, and the Quaker's Christ, Compared: By John Field
A Sermon Preach'd Before the Lords Justices of Ireland, at Christ's Church, Dublin, on the First of March, 1714/15. ... by Nicholas, Lord Bishop of Killaloe.
A Sermon Preached on the 25th of February, 1795. Being the Day Appointed, for a General Fast, and Humiliation. ... by the Rev. J. Morton,
Bridging the Constitutional Divide: Inside the White House Office of Legislative Affairs
Special Populations in Gifted Education: Understanding Our Most Able Students from Diverse Backgrounds
Banking Risk and Profitability in Republic of Moldova
The KGB Campaign Against Corruption in Moscow, 1982-1987
Corporate Payout Behavior
Tight Focusing of Singular Beams; Effect of Primary Aberrations
Stomp: A Specializing Threads Library for Openmp
Total Quality Management in Higher Education
Letters on the Existence and Character of the Deity, and on the Moral State of Man
Remarks Upon Dr. Sherlock's Considerations Offer'd to the Lord Bishop of Bangor
The Papers and Correspondence from July 16, 1783, After the Return of Major General Stuart to the Presidency
The Lives of the Compilers of the Liturgy: With an Historical Account of Its Several Reviews. by Samuel Downes,
The Merchant Maiden Hospital Magazine. Containing, Part First. I. Instructions for Teaching to Read and Spell English. ... Part Second. Friendly Advices to the Girls,
The Love of God to All Mankind; In the Glorious Work of the Redemption by Jesus Christ Our Lord, Asserted and Vindicated by the Holy Scriptures, ... by G. G. Student in the Holy Scriptures
The Political, Commercial, and Civil, State of Ireland. by the Rev. Dr. Clarke, ... Being an Appendix to Union or Separation.
Ollie Oh and the Week That Mom Went on Strike
Little Cloud Upset
Let's Eat!
Squirrel Boy and Brad: Solve a Mystery
Plunder in Latin America
Positive Penelope and Friends
Believe in Yourself: You're Better Than You Think
Gene Expression
Journey of My Untied Shoes
Unbounded Solutions of the Modified Korteweg-de Vries Equation
I Can Ski Despite These Ducky Feet on Me.
The Stinkiest Day in May: The Story of a Stink
The Last Druid
The Beauties of Mr. Orde's Bill; Being Extracts from Certain Private Speeches of the Following Gentlemen in Opposition: Mr. Grattan, Mr. Flood, Mr. Conolly, ... &c.
Four Farm Boys: Turkey Times
Family Economics
The Impartial Justice of Divine Administrations: A Sermon Preach'd at the Assizes; Held at Chelmsford in Essex, March the 10th, 1735-6. ... by Samuel Moody, ...
The Tincklarian Doctor William Mitchels Strange and Wonderfull Discourse to the Magistrates of Glasgow.
Samuel Sleeping in the Tabernacle: Or, the Model of Christian Preaching Asserted, in Vindication of the Reverend Mr. Guise's Idea of Preaching Christ, ... by John Henley, M.a
A Sermon Preached in the Church of Greenwich in Kent, on Wednesday the 29th of May, 1754, Before the Laudable Association of Antigallicans, ... by John Butley,
Fraud and Injustice Detected and Condemned. in a Lecture Sermon in Boston, Feb. 28. 1711,12. by Benj. Wadsworth, A.M. Pastor of a Church of Christ in Boston, N.E. [seven Lines of Scripture Texts].
The Hope of a Future Life, the Sole Foundation of a Christian's Happiness. a Sermon Preach'd at the Funeral of the Reverend Sidrach Symson, ... November the 9th. 1704. by Luke Milbourn, ...
A Short Discourse (After Sermon) Recommending the Service and Prayers of the Church; Delivered in a Meeting-House in Edinburgh, September 28th. 1712. by William Smart, ...
Remembering Radio: An Oral History of Old-Time Radio
Sermon Preach'd Before the Rt. Honourable the Lord Mayor and Aldermen of the City of London, at the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, on Friday, January 30, 1729. ... by Joseph Trapp,
Resource Economics
The Accountant and Geometrician: Containing the Doctrine of Circulating Decimals, Logarithms, ... by Benjamin Donn,
An Essay Concerning Human Understanding. in Four Books. Written by John Locke, ... the Seventeenth Edition. Volume 1 of 2
A Little Sunlight Please!
The Second Part of the Practical Scheme: Containing First an Enquiry Into the Question, Whether the Wearing of Any Remedy Can Have Any Effect on a Human Body?
Orlando Furioso, by Ludovico Ariosto. in Italian and English. ... Volume 2 of 2
Disquisitions on Some Select Subjects of the Scripture. I. ... VIII. ... by William Jones,
Several Sermons Preached in Newcastle Upon Tyne, by Anthony Munton, M.a
New Improvements of Planting and Gardening, Both Philosophical and Practical: ... in Three Parts and a Kalendar, ... by Richard Bradley, F.R.S. the Fourth Edition, Adorn'd with Copper-Plates
Optimising Information Retrieval from the Web
3D Mesh Geometry Compression with a Set Partitioning Approach
Shopping for Your Self
Da Sticks
Spiritual Terrorism
Low Complexity Space-Time Coded Systems
One Is Not a Lonely Number
A Serious and Tender Exhortation (in the Spirit of Meekness and Love) Unto All Sober and Tender-Hearted People, Who Are Sincerely Seeking After Salvation ...
Ad Magistratum: A Sermon Preached Before the Mayor and Aldermen of Stamford ... in the Parish-Church of the Blessed Virgin; ... Oct. 6. 1720. by Fr. Peck, ...
Wolf Breed
Reason, and Not Raillery, the Proper Test of Religion. a Sermon Preach'd at Lincoln's-Inn Chapel, July the 10th, 1720. by William Shorey, A.M.
The Nature and Design of Christianity. Eleventh Edition.
A Sermon Preached to the Societies for Reformation of Manners, at St. Mary-Le-Bow, on Monday, December the 28th, MDCCXIII. by John Waugh, ...
The Charitable Education of Poor Children, Recommended in a Sermon Preach'd in the Cathedral-Church of Norwich: On Ashwednesday, Feb. the 7th. 1721. ... by William Sutton,
Hymns of Intercession for All Mankind.
Raume Der Kreativwirtschaft
Institution Kino in Der Franzosischen Und Deutschen Gesellschaft, Die
Frauen an Die Macht?!
The CME Group Risk Management Handbook: Products and Applications
Teamwork in Multi-Agent Systems: A Formal Approach
The Life of Major J. G. Semple Lisle; Containing a Faithful Narrative of His Alternate Vicissitudes of Splendor and Misfortune. Written by Himself. ...
Letters Concerning the Spanish Nation: Written at Madrid During the Years 1760 and 1761. by the Rev. Edward Clarke,
The Miscellaneous Works of the Late Reverend and Learned Conyers Middleton, ... in Five Volumes. ... the Second Edition. Volume 1 of 5
Morias Enkomion: Stultitiae Laudatio. Desiderii Erasmi Declamatio: Editio Castigatissima. Denuo Recognovit A.G. M.Q.
Illustrations of Masonry. by William Preston, ... the Ninth Edition: With Considerable Additions
A General History of Printing; From the First Invention of It in the City of Mentz, to Its Propagation and Progress Thro' Most of the Kingdoms in Europe: ... by S. Palmer,
Daughter of the Sun
Dissertations on Natural Theology. by John Alphonso Turretine, ... Translated Into English by William Crawford, A.M
A Concise View of the Common Law and Statute Law of England, Carefully Collected from the Statutes and Best Common Law Writers, and Systematically Digested, by the Rev. Dr. John Trusler
Aphrodisiacus. Containing a Summary of the Ancient Writers on the Venereal Disease. ... Extracted from the Two Tomes of Aloysius Luisinus, ... with a Large Preface, by Daniel Turner,
The Present State of Music in France and Italy: Or, the Journal of a Tour Through Those Countries, Undertaken to Collect Materials for a General History of Music. by Charles Burney, Mus. D
Miscellaneous Discourses Relating to the Traditions and Usages of the Scribes and Pharisees in Our Blessed Saviour Jesus Christ's Time. in Two Volumes. ... by W. Wotton, D.D. Volume 1 of 2
A Walk in and about the City of Canterbury, with Many Observations Not to Be Found in Any Description Hitherto Published. by William Gostling,
A State of the Churches Under the Archdeaconry of Northumberland, and in Hexham Peculiar Jurisdiction, with the Succession of Incumbents, Extracted from the Manuscripts of ... Thomas Randal,
The History of the Life of M. Tullius Cicero. by Conyers Middleton, ... a New Edition. Volume 1 of 4
The Court Register, and Statesman's Remembrancer: Containing, a Series of All the Great Officers, Prime Ministers of State, &c. ... the Whole Corrected to June 3, 1782.
Taplin's Multum in Parvo. or Sportsmans Equestrian Monitor
Fourteen Sermons on Practical Subjects. by Pawlet St. John,
Hymns in Commemoration of the Sufferings of Our Blessed Saviour Jesus Christ, Compos'd for the Celebration of His Holy Supper. by Joseph Stennett. the Third Edition Enlarged.
Sermons on Several Subjects and Occasions. by the Late James Riddoch, ... in Three Volumes. ... Volume 3 of 3
Memorial for Francis Fowke, of Malmsbury, in the County of Wilts, Esq; And His Attorney, Against Margaret and Elisabeth Duncans, Daughters of the Deceased Thomas Duncan Farmer in Boghead.
A Compleat Collection of All the Protests of the Lords During This Last Session of Parliament. to Which Is Prefix'd the Petition Against the City-Bill.
Unto the Right Honourable the Lords of Council and Session, the Petition of William Troop Mason, Undertaker Appointed by the Presbyter of Elgin to Build the Manse of the Parish of Elgin,
Unto the Right Honourable the Lords of Council and Session, the Petition of Isabel Barclay, Daughter to the Deceased Charles Barclay Dyer in Edinburgh, and John Thomson Writer There, Her Tutor,
Memorial for Margaret and Elizabeth Duncans, Daughters of the Deceast Thomas Duncan, Farmer at Boghead, and John Stephen, Husband to the Said Margaret.
Age. an Essay. Addressed to Richard Tyrrell, Esq.
The Ascension: A Sacred Oratorio. Set to Music by Mr. Hook.
A Transcendent Spiritual Treatise Upon Several Heavenly Doctrines, from the Holy Spirit of the Man Jesus, the Only True God, ... John Reeve and Lodowick Muggleton, the Two Last Witnesses ...
A Discourse Upon the Self-Existence of Jesus Christ. the Second Edition. by William Romaine,
The Bramin: An Eclogue. to Edmund Nugent, Esq; By the Revd. Mr. Dunkin.
A Sermon Preached in the Cathedral-Church of Exeter, on the General Fast-Day, February 6. 1756. by the Lord Bishop of Exeter.
A Sermon on Luke 11. 13, to Which Are Added Several Aphorisms on Different Subjects, by a Hearer of the Apostles.
An Apologetical Epistle to the Author of Remarks on Two Pamphlets Lately Published Against Dr. Middleton's Introductory Discourse; In Which the Preface to Those Remarks Is Considered
A Sermon Against the Dangerous and Sinful Practice of Inoculation. Preach'd at St. Andrew's Holborn, on Sunday, July the 8th, 1722. by Edmund Massey, ... the Second Edition
The Necessity of Laws, and a Proper Obedience Thereto Enforced, in a Sermon Preach'd Before the Honorable Baron Smythe, at the Assize Held at Lancaster, ... by John Watson,
A Sermon Preach'd at the Savoy-Church, on Wednesday the 19th of January, 1703/4, Being the Fast-Day, ... by Samuel Prat, ...
The Book of Worst Meals: 25 Authors Write about Terrible Culinary Experiences
Scamper with the Peanut Butter Feet
My Purrfect Persian
Matzoh Balls and Baseballs
How to Order Your Man
Mother Pug Nursery Rhymes (Revised)
Broken Record: Enjoying the Music of Relationship Through the Hisses, Pops, and Scratches
Essay on Government. by the Rev. James Roger. Third Edition
A New Treatise on the Method of Teaching Languages: To Which Is Annexed a Brief Sketch of the Latin Tongue, ... by Mr. Du Mitand, ... the Fourth Edition
The Life of Adam. Translated from Gio Francisco Loridano. to Which Is Subjoyn'd, an Essay Towards an Analysis of the Human Mind. ... by Richard Murray, ...
An Essay Explaining Jesus's True Meaning in His Parables; From the Occasion of His Speaking, and the Application of Them. by William Ashdowne
Des. Erasmi Rot. Precationes: Quibus Accedunt Concio de Puero Jesu, S. Chrysostomi de Orando Deum, Conciones II. Erasmo Autore Interprete.
Essays, Moral and Miscellaneous. Viz. an Introductory Speech from Solomon, with an Ode. ... Part I. the Second Edition
Observations on the Claims of the Moderns, to Some Discoveries in Chemistry and Physiology. by G. D. Yeats,
Two Essays on Justification and the Influence of the Holy Spirit: In Addition to Four Theological Essays, Lately Published. by W. Ludlam,
The Sure Foundation. a Sermon, Occasioned by the Death of the Rev. Mr. Benjamin Messer, Preached in Grafton Street, June 21, 1772. by John Macgowan. ...
A Sermon Preached in the Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of St. Peter in York. Septemb. VII. 1704. Being the Day of Thanksgiving for the Late Glorious Victory ... by William Pearson, ...
A Thanksgiving Sermon, for the Success of Her Majesties Forces. Preach'd at Hand-Alley, November 12, 1702. by Daniel Williams, ...
The Snares of Prosperity. a Sermon. to Which Is Added, an Essay on Visiting. by John Clayton.
St. Paul's Manner of Preaching, Recommended for Imitation, in a Sermon Delivered at the Ordination of the Rev. Daniel Hall to the Pastoral Care of the Church in Sag-Harbor, Long-Island: Sept. 21, 1797
The United States and Europe in a Changing World
Natural Resource Use and Land Use Conflicts
Paper Digital Classes
Wind Farm
Virtuelle Freiheit
Mak Dda and Solomon in the Eye of Ethiopian Traditional Accounts
A Sermon Occasionally Preached on the Funeral of Sir Cloudesly Shovel Who Was Interr'd in Westminster Abby, on Monday the 22d of December, 1707. by D. Butler,
The Sociology of War and Violence
An Essay on the Poets.
PostScript to the Report of the Court of Directors of the Sierra Leone Company to the General Court, Held at London on Wednesday the 19th of October, 1791.
The Origin of Language, and Idea of a Perfect Government. Two Poetic Epistles, to Thamyris.
Philanthropy: A Poem. Inscribed to His Grace the Duke of Northumberland
A Word to Discontented Dissenters, Especially the Worcester Association
A Letter to a Gentleman Chosen to Be a Member of the Honourable House of Representatives, to Be Assembled at Boston on Febr. 10. 1731
Kroatien Auf Dem Weg in Die Europaische Union
Education and Development: Females' Education and Fertility Reduction
Plattenkalksteinbruche Im Altmuhltal Im Wandel
Reenactments in Dokumentarischen Fernsehproduktionen
Legal Contextualism
Ruthenische Militarterminologie in Der Habsburgermonarchie
V-Modell XT in IBM Jazz, Das
On Boolean Functions to Resist Algebraic Attacks
Novel Optical Control Plane in Next-Generation IP/Wdm Networks
British Synonymy; Or, an Attempt at Regulating the Choice of Words in Familiar Conversation. ... by Hester Lynch Piozzi. ... Volume 1 of 2
Poems on Several Subjects; By ... John Anketell, ... to Which Are Added, the Epistle of Yarico to Inkle; And the English and Latin Songs of Chevy Chase
The Ruins: Or a Survey of the Revolutions of Empires. by M. Volney, ... Translated from the French. the Second Edition
A Treatise Concerning Christian Prudence: Or the Principles of Practical Wisdom, Fitted to the Use of Human Life, and Design'd for the Better Regulation of It. the Seventh Edition. by John Norris, ...
A Sermon Preach'd at the Ordination of the Reverend Mr. John Greene, at Winburn, in Dorsetshire, July the 20th, 1708. and Since Enlarged, ... by Theophilus Lobb,
Discourses on Various Subjects, Delivered in the Island of Barbadoes, by the REV. H.E. Holder, of That Place. ... Volume 4 of 4
Dooms-Day: Or, a Discourse Upon the Day of Judgement: ... Raised, by Way of Sermon, from the 2 Thess: 1 Chap: 10 Vers: ... by W. C. Preacher of the Gospel
The History of the Inquisition, as It Is Exercised at Goa. Written in French, by the Ingenious Monsieur Dellon, ... with an Account of His Deliverance. Translated Into English.
The Sea: A Poem. in Two Books. by John Bidlake,
[Christian Morals and Christian Prudence. in Two Parts. Wherein Is Shewn the Peculiar Wisdom and Beauty of the Christian Religion, ... by John Lavrence ... ]. Volume 2 of 2
Sport and Physical Activity for Mental Health
An History of the Christian Church, from the Earliest Periods to the Present Time. in Two Volumes. ... Volume 2 of 2
Memoirs of the Ancient Earls of Warren and Surrey, and Their Descendants to the Present Time. by the REV. John Watson, ... Volume 1 of 2
Advice to a Son at the University, Design'd for Holy Orders. by a Clergyman
Pious and Holy Breathings; Or, a Treatise of Choice and Precious Hymns. ... by Ann Rennew, a Blind Maid, ... at Cambridge
Sermons, by the REV. P. M. Cornwall, ... Volume 1 of 2
Cosmology. an Enquiry Into the Cause of What Is Called Gravitation or Attraction, in Which the Motions of the Heavenly Bodies, ... Are Deduced ... with Copper Plates. by T. Vivian, ...
Essais de Montaigne, Avec Les Notes de M. Coste. Nouvelle Edition. Volume 3 of 10
Diez Libros de Fortuna de Amor, Divididos En DOS Tomos; Compustos Por Antonio de La Frasso' ... Volume 2 of 2, Los
The Poetical Works of the Right Honourable, Wentworth Dillon, Earl of Roscommon
Doctrines and Practice of Hippocrates in Surgery and Physic; With Occasional Remarks, by Francis Riollay,
Garden Walks: Hand in Hand - Poems to Relax by
Two Grandmas, Two Worlds
The Three Little Pugs
Allergy-Free Cooking Everyone Loves
Why Johnny Can't Brand: Rediscovering the Lost Art of the Big Idea
The Practical Power of Shamanism: Heal Your Life, Loves and Losses
Till I'm Laid to Rest
The Truth - Finding Your Own Truth
Moral Tales: Consisting of the Reconciliation, ... Clementia and Malitia, ... Charles and Maria, ... the Best Heart in the World, ... by Joseph Moser, ... in Two Volumes. Volume 1 of 2
The Lovers: Or the Memoirs of Lady Sarah B---- And the Countess P----. Published by Mr. Treyssac de Vergy, ... Volume 2 of 2
Discourses on Various Subjects, Delivered in the Island of Barbadoes, by the REV. H.E. Holder, of That Place. ... Volume 3 of 4
The Accidence; Or First Rudiments of English Grammar. Designed for the Use of Young Ladies. with an Appendix, ... by Ellin Devis. the Third Edition, with Very Considerable Additions.
Maurice, a German Tale. by Mr. Schultz. Translated from the French. ... Volume 1 of 2
Les Deux Hermites, DDI a Mylord Lyttelton, Par M. Desenfans. ... Volume 1 of 2
A Sermon on Good Works: Wherein Several Cases of Conscience Concerning Alms-Giving Are Resolved; ... by Thomas Gouge,
Statistical Programming in SAS
The Acts of Nathan the Prophet
Oracle JRockit: The Definitive Guide
Keys to the Kingdom: Reflections on Music and the Mind
Top Bikini Pictures: Hot Women in Brazilian, String, White, Red, Gold, Brown, Orange, Metallic, Transparent, Extreme and Many Other Styles and Models Bikini Book.
Elemental Fources Volume 1: Demons and Angels
Little Red Riding Pug
Mindscape Unlocked?
A Space Between: A Journey of the Spirit
Help Me Understand
Illuminating the Mundane: Transformational Art and Haiku
Sergeant Smack: The Legendary Lives and Times of Ike Atkinson, Kingpin, and His Band of Brothers
Songs, Duets, and Chorusses, in the Red-Cross Knights. a Play, in Five Acts. First Perform'd at the Theatre Royal, Hay-Market, Wednesday, August 21st, 1799.
Epistola Ad Thomam Pennant, Armigerum, in Scotia Nuperrim Sciscitantem, Poetica.
(concluded Cause Roll.) 14th September, 1762. Memorial for the Master Taylors of Edinburgh, Pursuers, Against the Journeymen Taylors, Defenders.
The Clothier's Letter to the Inhabitants of the Liberties.
Unto the Right Honourable, the Lords of Council and Session, the Petition of John Gr me-Murray of Murrayshall, and His Tutors and Curators, ...
The Lovers: Or the Memoirs of Lady Sarah B---- And the Countess P----. Published by Mr. Treyssac de Vergy, ... Volume 1 of 2
Information for the Incorporation of Taylors in Glasgow, Defenders, Against Robert White, Taylor in Glasgow, Pursuer.
Deborah. an Oratorio, or Sacred Drama. the Musick Composed by Mr. Handel. the Words by Mr. Humphreys.
A Proposal for the Relief and More Comfortable Maintenance of the Poor of the County of Norfolk, ... Submitted to the Consideration of the Magistrates and Other Inhabitants
Ursache Bin Ich Selbst., Die
Opheliakult Und Seine Entwicklung, Der
Teach Yourself Ansys
German Expressionism, Film-Noir and Sir Fritz Lang
Austrofaschismus Contra Standestaat
Answers for the Sun Fire-Office at London, and John Puget, Executor of the Deceased John Puget Merchant There, to the Petition of Mess. Fairholms and Company, Merchants in Edinburgh
The Loch-Lomond Expedition with Some Short Reflections on the Perth Manifesto.
Synopsis of British Birds. by John Walcott, Esq. Volume 1 of 5
Unto the Right Honourable the Lords of Council and Session, the Petition of Charles Sinclair of Olrick, ...
Unto the Right Honourable the Lords of Council and Session, the Petition of Thomas Thorold, and Others, Assignees Under the Commission of Bankruptcy of Messrs Thomson and Tabor
The Lyrical Part of the Drama of Elfrida; As Altered by the Author, and as Spoken and Sung at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden. the Music by Mr. Giardini
Paradise Lost. a Poem in Twelve Books. the Author John Milton. Compared with the Authentic Editions, and Revised by John Hawkey,
Delle Novelle Di Franco Sacchetti ... Volume 2 of 3
An Essay on the Principle of Population, as It Affects the Future Improvement of Society. with Remarks on the Speculations of Mr. Godwin, M. Condorcet, and Other Writers.
de Jure Maritimo Et Navali: Or a Treatise of Affairs Maritime, and of Commerce. in Two Volumes. ... the Ninth Edition, with Many Valuable Additions. by Charles Molloy, ... Volume 2 of 2
In Convention of the Representatives of the State of New-York, October 2, 1776. the Committee to Whom Were Referred a Letter from the Committee of the County of Cumberland ...
Cosmologia Sacra: Or a Discourse of the Universe as It Is the Creature and Kingdom of God. Chiefly Written, to Demonstrate the Truth ... of the Bible; ... in Five Books. by Dr. Nehemiah Grew,
A Bundle of Myrrh, or Rules for a Christian's Daily Meditation and Practice. [three Lines of Quotation]
The Belfast Town and Country Almanack, for the Year 1797. Adapted to the New Stile [sic]: Containing, Eclipses of the Sun and Moon - Sun's Rising and Setting - Moon's Quarters, Age, and Southing ...
Answers for the Honourable Captain William Stewart of Coitland; To the Petition of Sir William Maxwell of Monreith, Baronet, and Others.
Strictures on a Pamphlet, Entitled a Friendly Address to All Reasonable Americans, on the Subject of Our Political Confusions. Addressed to the People of America. [one Line from Shakespeare]
Authentic Memoirs of Napoleone Buonaparte, Commander in Chief of the French Armies; Including Some Account of His Father, Charles Buonaparte, His Signal Victories, Marriage, &c. &c
An Unprejudic'd Enquiry Into the Nature and Consequences of the Reduction of Our Gold.
The Campaign, a Poem, to His Grace the Duke of Marlborough. by Mr. Addison. the Second Edition
A Letter to His Majesty's Attorney General, Soliciting Advice How to Act with Safety Under the Two New Bills, Called the Treason and Sedition Bills. by One, of Many Astonished Royalists
An Epistle to Dr. Thompson. by Mr. Whitehead
A Discourse, Read in the Chapel at Belvoir Castle, After the Funeral of His Grace the Duke of Rutland, ... by the Reverend George Crabbe.
Information for Patrick Home of Billie, Pursuer, Against Alexander Boig Portioner of Auchincraw, Defender
Two Lyric Epistles: One to My Cousin Shandy, on His Coming to Town; And the Other to the Grown Gentlewomen, the Misses of ****
Are These Things So? the Previous Question, from an Englishman in His Grotto, to a Great Man at Court
An Essay on the African Slave Trade
Instructions for Toll-Gate-Keepers in North Britain.
Performances of Cooperatives in Agricultural Marketing, Eastern Tigray
An Extract from the Manuscripts of the Reverend and Learned Mr. Robert Breck, Late Pastor to the Church of Christ in Marlborough. Concerning Lay or Ruling Elders Distinct from Teaching, &c.
Lectures on Female Education and Manners. by J. Burton. the Third Edition
Johannis de Fordun Scotichronicon Genuinum, Una Cum Ejusdem Supplemento AC Continuatione. E Codicibus Mss. Eruit Ediditque Tho. Hearnius, ... Volume 3 of 5
Abraham's Offering Up His Son Isaac. a Sermon Preached by the Reverend Mr. George Whitefield, A.B. Late of Pembroke College, Oxford
Consumers' Adoption of Sustainable Energy Technologies
Johannis de Fordun Scotichronicon Genuinum, Una Cum Ejusdem Supplemento AC Continuatione. E Codicibus Mss. Eruit Ediditque Tho. Hearnius, ... Volume 4 of 5
Mary Queen of Scots Vindicated. by John Whitaker, ... Volume 2 of 3
Hartley's Theory of the Human Mind, on the Principle of the Association of Ideas; With Essays Relating to the Subject of It. by Joseph Priestley,
The Life of Lorenzo de' Medici, Called the Magnificent. by William Roscoe. the Fourth Edition, Corrected. in Three Volumes. .. Volume 3 of 3
Paraboles Ou Fables Et Autres Petites Narrations D'Un Citoyen de La Republique Chretienne Du Dix-Huitieme Siecle: Mises En Vers Par Cesar de Missy. ... Seconde Edition ...
The Omnium; Containing the Journal of a Late Three Days Tour Into France; Curious and Extraordinary Anecdotes; ... and Other Miscellaneous Pieces in Prose and Verse. by William Clubbe,
The Highland Spectator: Or, Observations on the Inhabitants of Various Denominations in London and Westminster. by John Breuhowse,
The Oriental Philanthropist, or True Republican. [eight Lines of Verse] by Henry Sherburne, A.B. Published According to Act of Congress
The Generous Conquerour: Or, the Timely Discovery. a Tragedy; As It Is Acted at the Theatre Royal, by His Majesty's Servants. Written by Bevill Higgons, Esq
The Philosophical Dictionary: Or, the Opinions of Modern Philosophers on Metaphysical, Moral, and Political Subjects. ... Volume 3 of 4
Helena: Or the Vicissitudes of a Military Life. in Two Volumes. by an Officer's Daughter. ... Volume 1 of 2
The Hasty Wedding: Or, the Intriguing Squire, a Comedy. as It Was Acted at the Theatre-Royal
Eu and International Crime Control: Topical Issues (Governance of Security (Gofs) Research Paper Series, Vol. 4)
An Exercise of Devotion for Sunday and Holiday Mornings and Afternoons; Particulary Fitted for the Use of Such ... as Have Not the Opportunity of Assisting at Church-Service
An Electromagnetic Reciprocating Pump
Henry; In Two Volumes. by the Author of Arundel. ... Volume 2 of 2
Essais de Montaigne, Avec Les Notes de M. Coste. Nouvelle Edition. Volume 10 of 10
Observations on the Mechanism of the Horse's Foot; Its Natural Spring Explained, and a Mode of Shoeing Recommended, ... Illustrated by Copper Plates. by Strickland Freeman, Esq
A Baptismal Psalmody: Or Hymns and Spiritual Songs. Collected from the Holy Scriptures, and Adapted to the Baptismal Solemnity. by Alexander Forrest,
A Wish and a Prayer
Ae Bounty Core Rules
Low Back Pain and Low Back Care
The Sanctity of the Moment
Peak Evolution: Beyond Peak Performance and Peak Experience
31 Day Empowerment to Love
Weathering of Almandine Garnet
A Horse's Thought. A Journey into Honest Horsemanship
Literary Adventures of Adam and Molly
Directional Vacuum Assisted Breast Biopsy
Russian-Speaking Population in the Baltic States
Global Education
Religion and the Incidence of Myocardial Infarction
Topical Issues in Literature and Globalization
Automatic Back of Book Indexing
The Legal and Practical Protections of Minorities in State of Ethiopia
Determinants of Adoption and Its Intensity on Agricultural Technologies
Measuring Biodiversity in Rosa Species
Snakes Victims of Parasites
Non-Linear Programming Comparative Theory and Examples
Hymns for the Nation, in 1782
A Sermon Preached at Lambeth Church, Before the Royal Grand Modern Order of Jerusalem Sols, on ... Thursday, 17th July, 1788, ... by the Rev. Edward Barry, ...
A Discourse Against Bribery, Especially in the Election of a Members [sic] of Parliament. Being a Sermon Preached at Boston in the County of Lincoln
A Methodist Dissected; Or, a Description of Their Errors. by Nath. Fletcher,
The Christian's Delight: Or, the Precious Time of a Christian Improved to the Glory of God, and His Own Eternal Happiness. Collected from the Works of the Late Arch-Bishop of York.
Comfort and Counsel to Protestant Dissenters. with Some Serious Queries to Such as Hate and Cast Them Out; And a Friendly Admonition to Such as Desert Them. in Two Sermons, ... by Edmund Calamy, D.D
Haman's Deserved End. a Sermon Preach'd in the High Church in Edinburgh at the Election of Magistrates for the Year Ensuing. from Esther IV. 13,14. by A. W--B---R, M.a
The Speculative and Practical Atheist Weighed in the Ballances and Found Wanting. Two Sermons. by Edward Bate, ...
A Sermon Preached at the Magnificent Coronation of the Most High and Mighty King Charles II. ... at the Collegiate Church of St. Peter Westminster, the 23d of April, ... 1661. by ... George Morley ...
Christianity Distinct from the Religion of Nature, in Answer to a Late Book, Entitled, Christianity as Old as the Creation, &c. Part. II. ... by Thomas Broughton,
A Sermon Preached on Sunday, April 4, 1742, Before the University of Oxford. by Charles Wesley, ... the Twenty-Seventh Edition.
A Prospect of Our Success in the Present War: Being a Sermon Preached at Crutched-Friars, on the 12th of March, 1762. ... by E. Radcliff. ...
A Sermon Preach'd in Lambeth-Chapel, at the Consecration of ... White Lord Bishop of Peterborough, on Sunday Novemb. 9th, 1718. by Edward Waddington, ...
A Sermon Preached in Battlefield Church, at the Funeral of Emma Elizabeth, Wife of John Corbet, Esq. of Sundorn, in the County of Salop, September 24, 1797.
Airy Functions And Applications To Physics (2nd Edition)
Michael Jackson: We Love You More Our Voice Will Be Heard Volume One
Abundant Comfort and Grace
Enjoying India: The Essential Handbook
The Mystery of the Seven Directions
Miles' Piano Lesson
A Little Piece of My Heart
Born to Blood: Almost Human the Second Trilogy
The Last Best Resort
Geschwister Geistig Behinderter Menschen
Lebensqualit t Bei Multipler Sklerose
Modeling Global Land Use Change for Changing Wood Product Demands
Local Government and Human Resource Development
Internationale Unternehmensstrategien
Source Level Debugging of Verilog Designs
Kino Macht Schule
Americana-Texte Und Ihre Zeitgenossischen Ubersetzungen
Denn Voll Gottlichen Sinns Ist Alles Leben Geworden... -
Frauenfiguren in Actionfilmen
Unternehmensinterne Informationslogistik Und Wissensmanagement
Produktions- Datenerfassung in Industriebetrieben, Die
Dicke Kinder - Gesunde Ernahrung Und Pravention in Kindertagesstatten
Some Remarks on a Late Pamphlet Intitled, the State of Religion in New-England, ... by Mr. George Whitefield,
Plain Reasons Against Joining with the Nonsubscribers in Their Unlimited Scheme of Religious Communion. Being an Answer to a Letter from a Gentleman to a Subscribing Minister. by William Holmes, M.A.
A Sermon Preach'd at Rumford in the County of Essex, on Monday the 22d of October, 1722. ... by Daniel Harris, ...
A Sermon Preach'd at Bishop's-Stortford in Hertfordshire, Aug. 25. 1713, at the Anniversary Solemnity of the School-Feast. by Geo. Oldham,
A Sermon Preached in His Majesty's Chapel, Whitehall, at the Consecration of the Right Reverend Father in God William Lord Bishop of Chester, on Sunday, January 20, 1788. by Houstonne Radcliffe, D.D.
Sunday Reading. the Troubles of Life; Or, the Guinea and the Shilling.
Never 100% Black
An Earnest and Affectionate Address to the People Called Methodists. the Seventh Edition
Oracle Application Express 3.2 - The Essentials and More
A Sermon on the Great and General Day of Judgment; Preach'd at St. Paul's Cathedral, London, Before the Right Hon. Humphrey Parsons, Esq; LD. Mayor, ... by the Rev. Dr. Bacon, ...
Europeanization and Centre-Local Relations
An Elegy on the Death of Master G. R. Berkeley, ... Extracted from the Gentleman's Magazine, Nov. 1795. Written by a Youth of Eighteen.
A Letter, about the Present State of Christianity, Among the Christianized Indians of New-England
A Sermon for Reformation of Manners, Preach'd at St. Paul's Church in Bedford, at the Assizes There Held, March the 15th, 1700. by M. Heynes,
A Sermon Preach'd at the Anniversary Meeting of the Sons of Clergymen, in the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, on Thursday, Nov. 30. 1704. by Lilly Butler, ...
Elegiac Thoughts, Occasioned by the Death of the Rev. D. Simpson, M.A. of Macclesfield, ... to Which Are Added, Short Extracts, from His Most Approved Publications, ... by Joseph Nightingale.
Ecotoxicity and Behavior of Carbon Nanoparticles
A Sermon Preach'd at the Cathedral Church of Gloucester, on Jan. 20. Being the Day of Thanks-Giving ... by Knightley Chetwood, ...
Officia Nova Sanctorum de Pr cepto Recitanda, AC in Breviario Romano, Et Missale Apponenda. Juxta Decreta Ss. D. N. Clementis XIV.
The Cottagers; A Comic Opera. in Two Acts. by Miss A. Ross, (Aged Fifteen Years ...
The Traveller. Part I. Containing' a Journal of Three Thousand Three Hundred Miles, Through the Main Land of South-America
A Treatise Upon the Culture of Peach Trees. Translated from the French
Novelle Galanti Edite Ed Inedite del Atanasio Da Verrocchio ... Volume 1 of 3
Enquiry Into the Case of the Prince of Wales; Or, Reflections on the Pretended Insolvency of the Heir Apparent, for the Consideration of the Nation
Poesie Di Vincenzo Da Filicaia ... Volume 2 of 2
Opuscules de M. Auguste Gaude.
de L'Conomie Politique Et Morale de L'Espce Humaine. ... Volume 2 of 2
Faith: A Vision. by Charles Philpot, ...
An Account of a New Method of Treating Fractured Legs. Read Before the Royal Society of London, on February 12, 1767. to Which Is Prefixed a Letter on That Subject
Facts Which Shew the Necessity of Establishing a Regular Method for the Punctual, Frequent and Certain Payment of Seamen Employed in the Royal Navy. ...
M. T. Ciceronis Sententi Du de IIS Honore Augendis, Qui Periculum Vit Adierunt Reipub. Causa.
An Epistle from Larry Dunn to All His Countrymen, Who Wish Prosperity to Ireland, and Freedom to Par----Ts.
A Letter to a Great Man. by Lucius.
A Letter to the Inhabitants of Manchester, on the Exportation of Cotton Twist
A New Catalogue of Books and Pamphlets, Printed for J. Almon, Bookseller and Stationer, Opposite Burlington-House, Piccadilly. ... London, November, 1770.
Hidden Things Brought to Light, for the Increase of Knowledge, in Reading the Bible: Being an Explanation of the Coins, Money-Weights, and Measures, Mentioned in the Bible; ...
The History of the Popes, from the Foundation of the See of Rome, to the Present Time. ... by Archibald Bower, ... the Third Edition. Volume 1 of 2
The History of the Life of Marcus Tullius Cicero. in Three Volumes. by Conyers Middleton, ... the Eighth Edition. Volume 2 of 3
A Letter to His Grace the Lord Primate.
A Sermon Composed for the Late Fast-Day, February 4, 1780. by Anthony Temple, ...
The Clergyman's Choice of a Wife, Delineated. in a Letter to Dr. C. in England. Wherein Are Several Important Queries. by a Foreign Bishop, ...
The Songs, Duets, and Other Compositions, in the Operatic Farce of Netley Abbey, in Two Acts, Performed at the Theatre-Royal, Covent-Garden. Written by the Author of Hartford-Bridge
The Vanity of Upstarts: Or, an Honest Enquiry Into Ignoble Greatness. an Ode.
An Essay on the Population of Ireland. by ... J. Howlett, ...
The Christian's Overthrow Prevented, and Conquest Gain'd. a Sermon Preach'd Before the Queen at Saint James's Chappel, on Sunday, April. 22. 1705. by Robert Moss, ... the Third Edition
On the Omniscience of the Supreme Being, a Poetical Essay. by Christopher Smart, ... the Second Edition.
The Villanous Principles of the Rights of the Christian Church Asserted, &c. Confuted by Scripture.
The Resources of Christian Charity: A Sermon Upon the Occasion of Opening a Charity School in Warrington, for the Purpose of Clothing, Supporting and Instructing Poor Children
The Nature and Design of Christianity. Extracted from a Late Author. the Fifth Edition
Supplement to Critica Sacra; In Which the Principles of That Treatise Are Fully Confirmed; And the Objections of Mr. Raphael Baruh Clearly Answered. by the Rev. Dr. Henry Owen,
Making Competitive Cities
A Sermon Preach'd Before the Right Worshipful the Deputy Governour and the Company of Merchants Trading to the Levant Seas, at St. Peter's Poor in Broadstreet, May 13, 1718. by Thomas Payne,
Responding to Systemic Human Rights Violations: An Analysis of 'pilot Judgments' of the European Court of Human Rights and Their Impact at National Level
Drying Behavior of Fractionated Fibers
Labtop for Microbiology Laboratory
Wheat-Finger Millet
A Persuasive to Holiness of Life: In a Sermon Upon 2 Corinth.Vij.I. by John Harrison, ...
Sustainability Assessment of Forest Systems in the Brazilian Amazon
Fiscal Decentralization and Local Economic Development
The Clash of Civilizations? the Debate
g latas, Efesios
The Fabric That Makes the Quilt
A Sermon Preach'd Before Their Excellencies the Lords Justices, at Christ-Church, Dublin; On Tuesday the 28th of August, 1705. ... by Francis Higgins, ...
The Reindeer Games: A Merry Mini-Musical for Unison Voices (Teacher's Handbook)
Calico and Beyond: Use of Patterned Fabric in Quilts
Marktanalyse Fur Eine Lebensmittelverpackung
Wheat Growth and Its Weeds Control in Peshawar, Pakistan
The Cuckoo: The Day the Cuckoo Lost Her Colors -- A Mexican Folk Tale for Unison Voices (Teacher's Handbook)
Prozesse Und Strategien Im Multi Channel Management
Wirkung Von Feedback-Kultur Fur Die Entwicklung Von Schulen, Die
A Brief Continuation of the Crown or Appendix to the True Christian Religion, or Universal Theology of the New Church, Signified by the New Jerusalem in the Revelation.
Johannis Burton Ad Amicum Epistola: Sive Commentariolus Thom Secker Archiep. Cantuar. Memori Sacer.
An Abstract of the Church Catechism; Briefly Containing the Substance of All That Is Necessary to Salvation. by ... Dr. Edward Synge, ...
A Sermon Preach'd at Salters-Hall, to the Societies for Reformation of Manners, in the Cities of London and Westminster; On Monday, June 28, 1714. by James Coningham, ...
Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect, by Andrew Shirrefs, A.M
The Argument in Favor of Christianity Drawn from the Character and Discourses of Christ. a Sermon Preached at St. Peter's in Thanet, on Sunday, September 25, 1796. by Thomas Edwards, L.L.D.
A Journal of the Life, Travels, and Labours in the Work of the Ministry, of John Griffith.
The History of Ancient Greece, Its Colonies, and Conquests; From the Earliest Accounts Till the Division of the Macedonian Empire in the East ... Volume 5 of 5
Sermons on Various Subjects, by William Sellon,
A Philosophical and Practical Treatise on Horses, and on the Moral Duties of Man Towards the Brute Creation. by John Lawrence. Volume 1 of 2
Functional Architecture
Various Prospects of Mankind, Nature, and Providence
Regionalmarketing ALS Ein Instrument Gegen Fachkraftemangel
Travellers' Philanthropy
Skeletal Biology and Medicine, Volume 1192
Scripture Lessons Designed to Accompany a Series of Prints from the Old Testament. by Mrs. Trimmer. Volume 1 of 2
Helena: Or the Vicissitudes of a Military Life. in Two Volumes. by an Officer's Daughter. ... Volume 2 of 2
Thoughts on Truth, on Prejudice, and on Sincerity. by John Holland
Annotations on the Book of Job, and the Psalms. ... by Thomas Fenton,
A Letter to the Reverend Mr. Downes, Rector of St. Michael, Wood-Street: Occasioned by His Late Tract, Intitled Methodism Examined and Exposed. by John Wesley, ...
Reformation: Or, a Plan for Abolishing Christianity. Humbly Submitted to the Consideration of the Legislature
Lettres a Un Protestant Franois, Touchant La Declaration Du Roi Concernant La Religion, Donne Versailles Le 14. Mai 1724. ... Volume 1 of 2
Essays and Letters on the Most Important and Interesting Subjects. by J. Yonge. in Two Volumes. ... Volume 2 of 2
The Lives of the English Poets; And a Criticism on Their Works. Volume 3 of 3
Quilts for Fabric Lovers
Return in Kind
Love and Illusion
Ancient Odysseys: Treasure Awaits! Pocket Edition
100 Tips for a Stress-free Wedding Morning: How to be Organised, Calm and Relaxed on Your Wedding Morning
Modelo Para El Discipulado
Mortgage Modifications Made Easy!: How to Reduce Your Home Payment in Ten Minutes or Less
Sermons on Several Important Subjects. by the Late Reverend MR Frederick Carmichael, One of the Ministers of Edinburgh. the Second Edition
Tableau de L'Europe, Par J. Peltier. ... Volume 2 of 2
Marci Minucii Felicis Octavius. Ex Recensione Johannis Davisii.
The Grecian Daughter: A Tragedy: As It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane
Tully's Offices, in English. the Third Edition, Revised and Corrected. by Mr. Tho. Cockman. Volume 1 of 1
Principles of Politeness, and of Knowing the World. in Two Parts. ... by the Reverend Dr. John Trusler. ... the Twelfth Edition, with Additions
Pneumatologia. a Treatise of the Soul of Man: ... by John Flavel, ... to Which Is Prefixed the Life of the Author. a New Edition, Carefully Corrected
Satyrical Reflections on Clubs: In XXIX Chapters. ... by the Author of the London-Spy. Vol.V
The Works of Henry Fielding, Esq; With the Life of the Author. in Twelve Volumes. a New Edition. to Which Is Now First Added, the Fathers; Or, the Good-Natured Man. Volume 8 of 12
Letters to Dr. Priestley: Containing Proofs of the Sole, Supreme, and Exclusive Divinity of Jesus Christ, Whom the Scriptures Declare to Be the Only God of Heaven and Earth; ... by Robert Hindmarsh
A Brief Discovery of the False Churches: Wherein the Rights of the Christian Church Are Further Asserted by the Holy Scriptures. ... by Henry Barrow
A Full Inquiry Into the Subject of Suicide. to Which Are Added ... Two Treatises on Duelling and Gaming. in Two Volumes. by Charles Moore, ... Volume 2 of 2
Resignation to the Divine Good Pleasure in Every Condition; Recommended as Our Duty and Happiness: In a Sermon from 2 Sam. XV. 26. by John Shower. the Second Edition.
Not as Pleasing Men, But God. a Sermon Preach'd at the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Before the ... Lord-Mayor, ... Jan. 29. 1709/10. by George Smalridge, D.D.
The Young Man's Book of Knowledge: Being a Proper Supplement to the Young Man's Companion. in Five Parts, ... by D. Fenning,
A Short Discourse Upon the First Verse of the First Chapter of St John's Gospel; Proving Demonstratively, That Our Lord Jesus Christ Is Over All, God Blessed for Ever. by B. Regis, ...
Christianity, an Easy and Liberal System; That of Popery, Absurd and Burdensome. a Sermon Preached at Salters-Hall, (November 5, 1778.) by Hugh Worthington, Jun
A Sermon Preached Before the Barking Association, on Sunday, 17th June, 1798; By Samuel Crowther,
A Sermon Preached at Court-Yard, Southwark, December 4, 1745, on Occasion of the Present Unnatural Rebellion. by Thomas Mole
An Exhortation to the Religious Observance of Good-Friday. by Beilby, Lord Bishop of Chester. the Fifth Edition
An Account of Some Experiments Upon a Machine for Measuring the Way of a Ship at Sea. by J. Smeaton, F.R.S.
A Seasonable and Serious Expostulation with Some of the Dissenting Teachers, Concerning Their Present Behaviour in Their Printed Sermons and Pamphlets.
To the Wise, Just, and Humane Legislators, Judges, Clergy, and Members of the Royal Society and College of Physicians of Great-Britain; ...
Divine Hymns, Composed on Several Occasions, by Sarah Avery, of Lyme Regis, Dorset.
The Conquest of Quebec: A Poem. by Middleton Howard, ...
A Treatise on the Charade. Translated from the French of the Sieur Rondeaulet, Member of the Academy of Belles Lettres, at Paris, by Tobias Rigmerole. with Alterations Adapted to the English Language.
A Word to the Wise: Or, the Bishop of Cloyne's Exhortation to the Roman Catholick Clergy, of Ireland. the Fourth Edition.
The Complaint; Or, Door of Hope, in a Letter to a Friend. by a Well Wisher to the Gospel
A Letter from Junius Alter, to the Right Hon. the Earl of *****.
Some Account of a New Method of Tanning. ... Invented by David Macbride, ...
The Compendious Astronomer: Containing New and Correct Tables for Computing in a Concise Manner, the Places of the Luminaries; ... Likewise ... the Theory of Decimal Arithmetic, ... by Charles Brent.
Travels in the Two Sicilies, and Some Parts of the Apennines. Translated from the Original Italian of the ABBE Lazzaro Spallanzani, ... in Four Volumes. - With Eleven Plates. ... Volume 4 of 4
The Wisdom of God Manifested in the Works of the Creation: In Two Parts; ... with Answers to Some Objections. by John Ray, ... the Sixth Edition, Corrected.
Travels in Sicily and Malta ...
The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, or Gustavus Vassa, the African. Sixth Edition, Enlarged
A Compleat Treatise of Moral and Intellectual Virtues: Wherein Their Nature Is Fully Explained, and Their Usefulness Proved, ... by John Hartcliffe, ... the Second Edition Corrected
Hobbinol, or the Rural Games. a Burlesque Poem, in Blank Verse. by William Somervile, Esq
An Apology for the Ministers of Jesus Christ, and Preachers of His Gospel: Together with a Vindication of That Gospel Itself, from the Misrepresentations of Mr. Tho. Chubb; ... by Joseph Horler,
A Guide to the English Tongue. in Two Parts. ... by Tho. Dyche ... the Second Edition Corrected
The London Vocabulary English and Latin: ... for the Use of Schools. the Fourteenth Edition Corrected, with Additions. by James Greenwood,
The Three Books of M. Terentius Varro Concerning Agriculture. Translated by the Rev. T. Owen,
The Sailor's Companion, and Merchantman's Convoy. Shewing the Military Power of the Lord High-Admiral, ... by J. Cowley,
Essays on Various Subjects, Principally Designed for Young Ladies. the Fifth Edition
A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland. by Dr. Samuel Johnson
An Appendix to a Piece, Intitled, Some Reflections on the Nature of Original Sin, Baptismal Regeneration, &c. ... by Vin. Perronet, A.M. ...
Mentoria: Or, the Young Ladies Instructor, in Familiar Conversations on Moral and Entertaining Subjects: ... by Ann Murry. the Sixth Edition
Doing Good Recommended from the Example of Christ. a Sermon Preach'd ... in Gravel-Lane, Southwark, Jan. 1727/8. ... by Sam. Chandler.
A Sermon Preached Before the Queen, at St. James's Chapel, on Novemb. the 25th. 1705. by the Honourable George Verney, ...
The Royal Charge. a Sermon, Proving the Knowledge of God, (a Guide to Princes, ) to Be Most Excellent in Its Self, and Necessary to Us. by S.A.
The Lawfulness and Right Manner of Keeping Christmas: Shewn in a Familiar Conference Between a Church-Man and a Dissenter.
A Second Letter Addressed to the Delegates from the Several Congregations of Protestant Dissenters Who Met at Devizes on September 14, 1789. by the Author of the First Letter
Who Were the Key Players in the Civil War?
The Cigar Maker
When Did It Happen in the Civil War?
What Was the Civil War All about Anyway?
The Biggest Party on the Planet: An American at the World Cup
Realist Painting in China
Godly Whispers: A 90-Day Devotional to Help You Recover from Your Spouses Affair
Protection Des Droits D'Auteur A L'Epreuve de la Contrefacon, La
Water Drawn Before Sunrise: A Journey of Return, Spiritual Memoirs
In You I Live: Outside of You I Am Nothing
Issues in Mining Skills: Application to Computational Biology Domain
Library Systems Analysis
The Search for Help
Miscellanies, by Henry Fielding Esq; In Three Volumes. Volume 2 of 3
Quality of Service Driven Workflows
The History of the Worthy Martyr John Bradford, ... Also, the Life of the Rev. Rich. Rothwell,
A Translation of the New Testament: By Gilbert Wakefield, B.A. the Second Edition, with Improvements. in Two Volumes. ... Volume 1 of 2
The Works of MR John Glas. in Five Volumes. the Second Edition. ... Volume 5 of 5
Miscellanies, by Henry Fielding Esq; In Three Volumes. the Second Edition. Volume 2 of 3
The Old and New Testament Connected in the History of the Jews and Neighbouring Nations, ... by Humphrey Prideaux, ... the Eleventh Edition. Volume 1 of 4
Miscellanies, by Henry Fielding Esq; In Three Volumes. Volume 1 of 3
An Epistle from Benjamin Holme, Being a Salutation to Friends in Great-Britain and Ireland.
Syllabus of a Course of Lectures on the Philosophy of Natural History. by Henry Moyes, M.D. ...
The History of Gustavus Ericson, King of Sweden. with an Introductory History of Sweden, from the Middle of the Twelfth Century. by Henry Augustus Raymond, Esq. ...
Mill Cushion's Second Address
The Second Speech of Nath. Brassey Halhed, M.P. Delivered in the House of Commons, Tuesday April 21, 1795, Respecting the Confinement of Mr. Brothers, the Prophet.
An Oration Pronounced Before the Citizens of New-Haven on the Anniversary of the Independence of the United States, July 4th 1798; And Published at Their Request. by Noah Webster, Jun.
England's Causes for Thankfulness. a Sermon, Preached on the Day Appointed for a General Thanksgiving, November 1798.
The Earl of Warwick, a Tragedy, as It Is Perform'd at the Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane
The Polite Philosopher; Or an Essay on the Art Which Makes a Man Happy in Himself and Agreeable to Others. a New Edition
An Epistolary Dissertation Addressed to the Clergy of Middlesex. ... by Way of Reply to Dr. Waterland's Late Charge to Them. by a Divine of the University of Cambridge
Rev. Arthur O'Leary's Address to the Lords Spiritual and Temporal of the Parliament of Great Britain: To Which Is Annexed, an Account of Sir Henry Mildmay's Bill Relative to Nuns
The Court-Gamester: Or, Full and Easy Instructions for Playing the Games Now in Vogue, ... by Richard Seymour Esq; The Second Edition Corrected
Terence's Comedies Made English, with His Life, and Some Remarks at the End. by Mr. Laurence Echard, and Others. Revis'd and Corrected by Dr. Echard and Sir R. l'Estrange. the Fourth Edition
Biometric Fingerprint Recognition Systems
Light-Ion Charge-Exchange Applied to Stellar Electron-Capture Studies
Immunomodulatory and Anti-Tumor Activities of Astragalus
Adjustment to a New Education System
Search and Retrieval of Source Code Using the Faceted Approach
Modern Methods of Construction
Gestion de Session Pour Des Groupes Collaboratifs Synchrones
Beratungsorientierte Prozessoptimierung in Der Produktion
Bewegung Und Motivation in Der Zweiten Lebenshalfte
The Visions of Dom Francisco de Quevedo Villegas, ... Made English by Sir Roger l'Estrange, Knt. the Tenth Edition, Corrected
Production and Commercialization of Non-Timber Forest Products
Langages de Scenarios
Dick, Ubergewichtig, Fett - Adipositas Bei Kindern Und Jugendlichen
Sabke Lake
Cambridge Studies in International Relations: The Trouble with the Congo: Local Violence and the Failure of International Peacebuilding
Claims against Iraqi Oil and Gas: Legal Considerations and Lessons Learned
Pflegeleistungsprofile Und Drg's
Joy at Work: Empowering Scriptures for the Workplace
Witness Stones and Reflections
Wendy Worm Meets New Friends
My Friend Zach
A New House Divided: Toward a Pure Rights Regime
The Wind Blows
Forever Fit and Firm
Green My Parents: Join the Youth Movement to Seed the Green Economy
An Adrenal Fatigue Lifestyle Plan: Finding a Path to Wellness and Shedding Those Stubborn Pounds
Orlando Furioso: Translated from the Italian of Lodovico Ariosto; With Notes: By John Hoole. in Five Volumes. ... Volume 2 of 5
A Compleat Account of the Portugueze Language. Being a Copious Dictionary of English with Portugueze, and Portugueze with English. ... by A. J.
T. Lucretius Carus, of the Nature of Things. Translated Into English Verse by Thomas Creech, ... Volume II. ... Volume 2 of 2
Christianity as Old as the Creation: Or, the Gospel, a Republication of the Religion of Nature. Volume I. the Third Edition in Octavo. Volume 1 of 1
The Genuine Works of Flavius Josephus. Translated by William Whiston, M.A. Volume 5 of 6
An Italian and English Pocket Dictionary; In Two Parts. ... Compiled from the Best Authorities. ... by G. Graglia, ...
New Observations on Italy and Its Inhabitants. Written in French by Two Swedish Gentlemen. Translated Into English by Thomas Nugent, ... Volume 2 of 2
HIV/AIDS Risk Behaviors Among Myanmar Migrants in Bangkok, Thailand
The Works of Michael Drayton, Esq; ... in Four Volumes. Volume 1 of 4
A Treatise of All Sorts of Foods, Both Animal and Vegetable: Also of Drinkables: ... Written Originally in French. by ... M. L. Lemery, ... Translated by D. Hay, ...
Does Consideration Fall Within the Scope of Intent of a Contract Law?
Studies on the Properties of Sol-Gel Molecularly Imprinted Polymers
Songs, Duets, and Finales, in Lock and Key, a Musical Farce, as Performed at the Theatre-Royal, Covent-Garden. the Music Composed by Mr. Shield
A Reply to a Bridge Trustee, Author of a Letter to Mr. Pine, in the Bristol Gazette, of October 24, Respecting an Impartial History of the Late Disturbances in Bristol, ... by John Rose.
The History of Hester Wilmot; Or, the New Gown. Part II. Being a Continuation of the Sunday School
An Address to the Citizens of Dublin. by James Digges-Latouche.
A New Method of Writing a Great Deal in a Little Time. Viz. as Much in One Minute, as Usually Takes Up a Long While. ...
Case of Edward Morse, Esq.
Christmas Day. a Poem. by John Price, B.D. &c.
Dissertatio de Stylis Veterum, Et Diversis Chartarum Generibus.
The Charge of God to Joshua: In a Sermon Preach'd ... September 9. 1711. ... by Francis Hare, ... the Second Edition
An Account of the Reasons Why Many Citizens of Exon Have Withdrawn from the Ministry of Mr. Jos. Hallet and Mr. James Peirce. Being an Answer to Mr. Peirce's State of the Case.
Sonnets. the Two Last in Commemoration of the Late Wm. Jackson, Esq. by William Groombridge, ...
The Cause of the Dumb Pleaded. a Poem. Published for the Purpose of Assisting a Designed Institution for Their Relief. ... by Thomas Beck, ... the Second Edition.
The Tinclarian Doctor Mitchel's Answer to the King's Speech, Janr 1734; And Also Concerning the Taxes. Written in the 64th Year of His Age.
A Vindication of the Conduct of Mr. John MC. Cannon, Lately of This City, Woollen-Draper. Written by Himself.
Sir H. Langrishe's Celebrated Speech in the Irish House of Commons, Tuesday March 4, 1794, on the Motion of Mr. Ponsonby for a Parliamentary Reform.
A Review of Ecclesiastick Patronages, as They Are Here Established by Law; And of the Conduct of the Opposing Clergy.
The Dramatic Works of Henry Fielding, Esq. in Three Volumes. ... Volume 1 of 3
The Dumfries Weekly Magazine
Remarks on the Greek Verses of Milton. by Charles Burney.
The English Malady: Or, a Treatise of Nervous Diseases of All Kinds; ... in Three Parts. ... by George Cheyne, ... the Sixth Edition.
Cases in Surgery; With Introductions, Operations and Remarks. by Joseph Warner, ... the Fourth Edition, with Considerable Additions
The Iliad of Homer. Translated from the Greek by Alexander Pope, Esq. ... Volume 2 of 2
The African Unification Agenda
Boerhaave's Aphorisms: Concerning the Knowledge and Cure of Diseases. Translated from the Last Edition Printed in Latin at Leyden, 1715. with Useful Observations and Explanations, by J. Delacoste, M.D
Spatial Aggregation of Rainfall on Flood Modelling
Trickle Irrigation Adoptability Under Small-Scale Farming System
Linac Design for Intense Hadron Beams
Neueste Erkenntnisse Aus Dem Bereich Mobile Media
Subdivision Its Applications in Solid Modeling and Signal Compression
The Poetical Works of Will. Congreve. with the Life of the Author
Strictures, Critical and Sentimental, on Thomson's Seasons; With Hints and Observations on Collateral Subjects. by J. More
An Examination of the Merits and Tendency of the Pursuits of Literature. Part First. by W. Burdon,
Francis, Lord Bacon: Or, the Case of Private and National Corruption, and Bribery, Impartially Consider'd. ... by an Englishman. the Fifth Edition
Cornelii Nepotis Excellentium Imperatorum Vitae Ex Editione Oxoniensi Fideliter Expressae.
The Christian Remembrancer: Or, Short Reflections Upon the Faith, Life, and Conduct, of a Real Christian. the Third Edition, with Additions
Considerations on the Slave Trade; And the Consumption of West Indian Produce.
A Freeholder's Second Address to the Merchants, Traders, and Others, the Freemen and Citizens of the City of Dublin.
Mr. Addison's Fine Ode to Dr. Thomas Burnet, on His Sacred Theory of the Earth. Done Into English by the Author of a Late Tale Call'd Coffee.
The Visions of Aaron, the Son of Adriel, Which He Saw Concerning the Rise and Fall of the Sister-Nations. the Third Edition
A Letter from a P-Me S-J-T, to a H-Gh P-T, Concerning the Present Posture of Affairs, with Advice from a Certain Great E-L, ...
The Marrow of the Tickler's Works, Or, Three Shillings Worth of Wit for a Penny. in a Ballad. (to the Tune of Derry-Down.)
A Sermon Preached at Huntingdon Assizes, July 26, 1773. by John Wheeldon, ...
An Address to the Ministers, Church-Wardens, and Parishioners, of Newcastle Upon Tyne, for the Better Regulating Parish-Poor; ... and Erecting 150 Lamps, ... by a Parishioner
A Poem on the Recovery of the Hon. Mrs. Eliz. Courtenay from Her Late Dangerous Illness: ... Written in the Year 1743. the Second Edition.
Gesundheitssysteme Der Europaischen Union
Verwechslungsgefahr Im Markenrecht
A Cambridge Library Collection - Medieval History A History of the Inquisition of the Middle Ages: Volume 3
A Short Grammar of the German Tongue by Henry Christopher Albrecht
Cambridge Monographs on Particle Physics, Nuclear Physics and Cosmology: Series Number 21: The Phases of Quantum Chromodynamics: From Confinement to Extreme Environments
Sixty Sermons on Plain and Practical Subjects; By the Late Reverend Thomas Pyle, ... Published by His Son Philip Pyle, ... Volume 2 of 2
Excessive Sensibility; Or, the History of Lady St. Laurence. a Novel. ... Volume 2 of 2
The Picture. a Novel. by the Miss Minifies, ... Volume 1 of 3
Annotations on the Tatler. Written in French by Monsieur Bournelle; And Translated Into English by Walter Wagstaff, Esq; ... Volume 2 of 2
Sanctorii Sanctorii de Statica Medicina Aphorismorum Sectiones Septem: Cum Commentario Martini Lister.
Excessive Sensibility; Or, the History of Lady St. Laurence. a Novel. ... Volume 1 of 2
The Moral Library. Containing, I. Principles of Virtue and Morality. II. on the Happiness of the Life to Come. III. on the Immortality of the Soul
The Children's Friend; Consisting of Apt Tales, Short Dialogues, and Moral Dramas; ... Translated by the REV. Mark Anthony Meilan, from the French of M. Berquin. ... Volume 24 of 24
Almeyda, Or, the Rival Kings, a Tragedy. by Mr. Howard. the Second Edition, with Some Alterations
The Valley of St. Gothard, a Novel, in Three Volumes. by Mrs. Parsons, ... Volume 3 of 3
Woman as She Should Be; Or, Memoirs of Mrs. Menville. a Novel. in Four Volumes. by Mrs. Parsons, ... Volume 3 of 4
The Schoolmasters Assistant. Being a Compendium of Arithmetic, Both Practical and Theoretical. in Five Parts. ... the Twentieth Edition. by Thomas Dilworth,
The East Indian, or Clifford Priory. a Novel, in Four Volumes. by Mary Julia Young, ... Volume 2 of 4
The Bliss List Journal: Companion to the Bliss List
Why Count Sheep When You Can Sleep?
English Grammatical Categories: and the Tradition to 1800
Several Tracts Against Popery: Together with the Life of Don Alvaro de Luna. Written by Michael Geddes,
Stories of the Driven World
Adam and the Magic Markers
Spilled Milk: Haiku Destinies
Cambridge Library Collection - Astronomy: Outlines of Astronomy
Race Track Attack Guide-Auto Club Speedway
Assignment World: Through a Vagabond's Viewfinder
Ms. Goozenpop's Crazy Alphabet Show and Tell
Death Defying Acts
The Code of the Human Spirit: A Window on the Soul!
My Tummy Hurt for a Hundred Years
...Keeping Clarke. One Son. One Day. One Mom's Personal Journey Through Grief.
Mainstreaming the Margins
Three Pugs and One Vacation
Levenshtein Distance
Visual Odometry for Mobile Robots
HIV and AIDS in Nigerian Prisons
Low Weight Gain as a Predictor of Retinopathy of Prematurity
Biomaterials: A Nano Approach
Critical, Historical, and Explanatory Notes on Shakespeare, with Emendations of the Text and Metre, by Zachary Grey, ... Volume 1 of 2
The Works of the Learned Benjamin Whichcote, ... Volume 3 of 4
The Works of the Learned Benjamin Whichcote, ... Volume 2 of 4
A Collection of Essays and Fugitiv [Sic] Writings. on Moral, Historical, Political and Literary Subjects. by Noah Webster, Jun. Attorney at Law. [Three Lines of Quotations in French]
The Proceedings at Large in the Arches Court of Canterbury, Between Mr. Jacob Mendes Da Costa, and Mrs. Catherine Da Costa Villa Real, ... Relating to a Marriage Contract.
The History of the Life and Reign of Philip King of Macedon; The Father of Alexander. by Thomas Leland, ... the Second Edition. in Two Volumes. Volume 1 of 2
Linguarum Vett. Septentrionalium Thesaurus Grammatico-Criticus Et Archaeologicus. Auctore Georgio Hickesio, ... Volume 2 of 2
Peace, Security and Development in an Era of Globalization
Some Observations Made in Travelling Through France, Italy, &C. in the Years MDCCXX, MDCCXXI, and MDCCXXII. by Edward Wright, Esq; In Two Volumes. the Second Edition. Volume 1 of 2
The Statecraft of Theodore Roosevelt: The Duties of Nations and World Order
The Present, and Future Rewards of Charity. a Sermon Preach'd ... at St. Bridget's Church, ... April 9. 1729. by Samuel Knight, ...
An Examination Whether Any Just Definition Can Be Given of the Law of Nature.
Ten Letters Written by the Right Honourable A--Th--Y A--L--Y C--Wp--R, Earl of S----Sb----Y, to a Student at the University on His Design of Entering Holy Orders. the Third Edition.
The Necessity of Some of the Positive Institutions of Ch----------Ty Consider'd. in a Letter to the Minister of Moffat.
Ember Days Exercise; Or, the True and False Minister Delineated, in a Dissertation on the Importance of the Ministry.
Two Sermons Preached Before the University of Cambridge, on May XXIX: The Other June XI: M DCC XLVII. by T. Rutherforth, ...
The Children's Friend; Consisting of Apt Tales, Short Dialogues, and Moral Dramas; ... Translated by the REV. Mark Anthony Meilan, from the French of M. Berquin. ... Volume 4 of 24
The Children's Friend; Consisting of Apt Tales, Short Dialogues, and Moral Dramas; ... Translated by the REV. Mark Anthony Meilan, from the French of M. Berquin. ... Volume 9 of 24
The Children's Friend; Consisting of Apt Tales, Short Dialogues, and Moral Dramas; ... Translated by the REV. Mark Anthony Meilan, from the French of M. Berquin. ... Volume 3 of 8
The Children's Friend; Consisting of Apt Tales, Short Dialogues, and Moral Dramas; ... Translated by the REV. Mark Anthony Meilan, from the French of M. Berquin. ... Volume 2 of 8
The Children's Friend; Consisting of Apt Tales, Short Dialogues, and Moral Dramas; ... Translated by the REV. Mark Anthony Meilan, from the French of M. Berquin. ... Volume 8 of 24
Observations Sur Les Crits de M. de Voltaire, Principalement Sur La Religion, En Forme de Notes. Par M. E. Gibert, ... Volume 2 of 2
Woman as She Should Be; Or, Memoirs of Mrs. Menville. a Novel. in Four Volumes. by Mrs. Parsons, ... Volume 1 of 4
The East Indian, or Clifford Priory. a Novel, in Four Volumes. by Mary Julia Young, ... Volume 1 of 4
The Children's Friend; Consisting of Apt Tales, Short Dialogues, and Moral Dramas; ... Translated by the REV. Mark Anthony Meilan, from the French of M. Berquin. ... Volume 7 of 24
The Children's Friend; Consisting of Apt Tales, Short Dialogues, and Moral Dramas; ... Translated by the REV. Mark Anthony Meilan, from the French of M. Berquin. ... Volume 19 of 24
The Children's Friend; Consisting of Apt Tales, Short Dialogues, and Moral Dramas; ... Translated by the REV. Mark Anthony Meilan, from the French of M. Berquin. ... Volume 17 of 24
A Discourse on Divine Providence. Wherein Is Shewn, the Significance and Importance of the Word. ... the Parts of Divine Providence, Preservation and Government. by Richard Kingston,
Demosthenous, Aischinou, Deinarchou Kai Demadou Ta Sozomena. Graece Et Latine. Tomus Tertius. Edidit Ioannes Taylor, ...
The Children's Friend; Consisting of Apt Tales, Short Dialogues, and Moral Dramas; ... Translated by the REV. Mark Anthony Meilan, from the French of M. Berquin. ... Volume 11 of 24
The Children's Friend; Consisting of Apt Tales, Short Dialogues, and Moral Dramas; ... Translated by the REV. Mark Anthony Meilan, from the French of M. Berquin. ... Volume 12 of 24
Cyfoeth I'r Cymru. Neu Dryssor y Ffyddloniaid. Wedi Ei Egoryd Mewn Amryw O Bregethau; ... Gan William Dyer. Wedi Ei Gymreigio Gan Un a Chwennychei Les[d I Lawer. ...
Zorade Ou Annales D'Un Village. Traduit de L'Anglois. ... Volume 2 of 3
Organizations as Complex Systems: Social Cybernetics and Knowledge in Theory and Practice
The Children's Friend; Consisting of Apt Tales, Short Dialogues, and Moral Dramas; ... Translated by the REV. Mark Anthony Meilan, from the French of M. Berquin. ... Volume 13 of 24
Language in Canada
Fundamentals of Seismic Wave Propagation
The Children's Friend; Consisting of Apt Tales, Short Dialogues, and Moral Dramas; ... Translated by the REV. Mark Anthony Meilan, from the French of M. Berquin. ... Volume 6 of 24
JavaTech, an Introduction to Scientific and Technical Computing with Java
A Serious Call, in Tender Compassion to the Sinners in Sion, of What Rank, or Degree Soever. by Frances Henshaw.
Pastoral Advice to Young Persons Before Confirmation. the Twenty-Third Edition
God's Providence the Support of Government. a Sermon Preach'd at Maidstone in Kent. at the Assizes Held There September 10.1706. ... by Jonathan Bernard, ...
An Appendix to the Revd. Mr. Wesley's Scripture Doctrine Concerning Predestination, &c. or Election Conditional.
A Sermon Preached in Lambeth-Chapel, at the Consecration of ... John Lord Bishop of Bristol, on Sunday, Dec. 23. 1750. by Francis Webber, ...
Past Deliverances and Present Calamities Improved. in a Sermon Preached at Hand-Alley, in London, November the 5th, M.DCC.XX. by John Evans.
Ern hrung Und Chemie - Eine Schulbuchanalyse
A Sermon Preached at St. Mary's in Oxford, on Sunday, September 21, 1735. by John Wesley, M.A. ...
The Conference: Or, Interesting Debates Among the Members of the Coalition, Upon the Important Subjects of Matter and Spirit. ... by a Reviewer of the Corruptions of Christianity.
Parlament Und Die Eza, Das
Parental Alienation Syndrom (Pas), Das
From the Porch Swing - Memories of Our Grandparents
Auswartige Kulturpolitik Unter Zugzwang Kultureller Globalisierung
Animus of Hauden
The Social Worship of the One God Agreeable to Reason and Scripture. a Sermon, Preached in the Chapel, in Prince's-Street, Westminster, Sunday, March XXVII, MDCCXCVI: ... by Thomas Jervis
How Many Frogs Do I Have to Kiss?: Help, Hope, and Lessons Learned
Under the Influence of Lilacs
The Red Buddha
Race Track Attack Guide-Buttonwillow Cw#13
Lakeland to Congo: The Revival Continues
Dr. Clarke's Scripture Doctrine of the Trinity Examined. to Which Are Added Some Remarks on His Sentiments, ... by Edward Welchman, ...
The Saint's Triumph, and the Devil's Downfall. Being a Short and True Demonstration of Election, Reprobation and Free-Will. by John Brown, ... by Way of Question and Answer.
Prairie Rhythms: The Life and Poetry of May Williams Ward
The Grounds and Duty of Christian Rejoicing. a Sermon on Philippians IV. 4. by the Late Rev. James Hervey, A. M. Published by Augustus Toplady, ...
Funeral Hymns. the Third Edition.
Directions for the Conversation of the Clergy. Collected from the Visitation Charges of the Right Reverend Father in God, Edward Stillingfleet, D.D. ...
The Notions of the Methodists Fully Disprov'd, by Setting the Doctrine of the Church of England, Concerning Justification and Regeneration, in a True Light. in a Letter to ... Mr. John Wesley.
Dr. Pei-Gee Ho Dissertation
A Journal, of the Rev. Dr. Coke's Third Tour Through the West-Indies: In Two Letters, to the Rev. J. Wesley.
The Experience of Surviving Terminal Cancer
Project of Mpiana Pensioners in South Africa and HIV/AIDS
A Mobile Solar Power Generation System Prototype
The Predictive Validity of Psychological Measures in Recruitment
An Enquiry Into the Life and Writings of Homer. the Fourth Edition
Environmental Governance for Religious Tourism in Pilgrim Towns
Considerations Upon Christian Truths and Christian Duties Digested Into Meditations for Every Day in the Year. Part I. for the First Six Months.
An Impartial History of the Late War. Deduced from the Committing of Hostilities in 1749, to the Signing of the Definitive Treaty of Peace in 1763
The Instructor: Or, Young Man's Best Companion: ... to Which Is Added, the Family's Best Companion, ... by George Fisher, ...
Lectures on Rhetoric and Belles Lettres. by Hugh Blair, ... in Three Volumes. ... the Seventh Edition. Volume 1 of 3
Letters of Mr. Pope, and Several Eminent Persons, from the Year 1705 to 1735. Vol. I. Volume 1 of 2
Societas Ostrearia
A New System of the Spleen, Vapours, and Hypochondriack Melancholy: Wherein All the Decays of the Nerves, and Lownesses of the Spirits, Are Mechanically Accounted For. ... by Nicholas Robinson, M.D.
Pharmacop Ia Londinensis: Or, the London Dispensatory Furthhr [Sic] Adorned by the Studies and Collections of the Fellows Now Living, of the Said College. ... by Nich. Culpeper ...
A Thanksgiving Sermon, Delivered in Portland, November 30, 1797., by Elijah Kellogg, A.M. Pastor of a Congregational Church and Society in That Place. Published by Request of the Hearers.
Mr. John Dunton's Dying Groans from the Fleet-Prison: Or the National Complaint, That the Author of Neck or Nothing Has Gone Twelve Years Unrewarded,
The Eternity of Hell Torments Asserted and Vindicated. a Sermon Preach'd in the Cathedral-Church of St. Paul. on Sunday June the 15th, 1707. Before the Lord-Mayor and Aldermen. by Richard Jenks,
The Devil Let Loose, or the Wo Occasioned to the Inhabitants of the Earth by His Wrathful Appearance Among Them, Illustrated in a Discourse Delivered on the Day of the National Fast, April 25, 1799.
The Mirrour for the Miror: Or, an Antidote Extraordinary. by Dick Litten, ... the Second Edition.
Corrigenda Et Addenda Ad Analysin Fluxionum.
The Glories of the Other World: A Sermon Preach'd at St. Mary Le Savoy, on Easter-Day, March the 27th, 1687. by Anthony Horneck,
Grundungen Von Windkraftanlagen
Inhibition Et Emotion
Methoden Und Werkzeuge Fur Ein Agiles It Projekt Management
Numerische Simulation Von Zweiphasenstromungen
A Letter to the Reverend Mr. John Alwood, Mr. Richard Bateson, Mr. Ogle Radford, ...
The Triumph of Virtue: A Poem Upon the Peace, Inscribed to the Earl of Oxford and Mortimer, ... Written by a Gentleman of North-Britain.
Liberty, a Poem, Lately Found in a Bundle of Papers, Said to Be Written by a Hermit in New-Jersey. [two Lines from the Message of the Pennsylvania Assembly to Their Governor]
A Thanksgiving Sermon on the Late Happy Occasion of the King's Recovery. by Thomas Roskilly, ...
A Short Account of the Life and Death of Edward Wier, Who Was Executed Near St. Stephen's-Green. November 10th. 1764. Delivered by Himself to the Sheriff, ...
Observations on the Conduct of the Commissioners of Maisemore Bridge Occasioned by a Late Answer to a Message from Them to John Pitt, Esquire. by a Commissioner.
A Wedding Sermon: Being the Substance of a Discourse Delivered at Glass-House Yard, on May 14, 1775, ... by R. Elliot,
AIL Lythyr Hen Bechadur at Ei Gyd Frodyr; Wedi Sylfaenu AR Y Geiriau Hyn Gwrando Ferch a Gw l, Wedi Cymmeryd Allan O'r Bumed Psalm a Deugain, A'r Ddegfed Adnod Gan Ellis Roberts. ...
The Remonstrance and Petition of the Legislature of the State of Tennessee, to the Senate of the United States.
A Plea for the Subscription of the Clergy to the Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion. by James Ibbetson, ... the Fourth Edition.
The Rise and Progress of the Papal Power. Translated from the French of the Abb Vertot. by John Stacie, Esq
A Sermon Preach'd at Newport-Pagnel, in the County of Bucks, on Sept. 15. 1725. Upon Occasion of the Ordination of Mr. William Hunt. by Mr. Jabez Earle. with a Charge Given to Hunt
Eventverkehrsplanung Am Beispiel Der Heimspiele Von Rot-Weiss Essen
The Divine Institution of Bishops, Having Churches Consisting of Many Congregations, Examined by Scripture. by Alexander Lauder,
The Plain Perjury and Great Iniquity of the Seceding Brethrens New Covenant, Discover'd: In a Familiar Dialogue Between a Seceder, and an Adherer to the Church of Scotland
Erzahlte Identitat?
The Shorter Catechism. Presented by the Assembly of Divines at Westminster, to Both Houses of Parliament, and by Them Approved. Containing the Principles of Christian Religion. with Scripture Proofs.
Horatii Ep.I. Lib.II. Ad Augustum. the First Epistle of the Second Book of Horace, Imitated. to the Right Honourable Philip, Lord Hardwicke, Lord High-Chancellor of Great-Britain.
A Plan for the Payment of the National Debt, by Means of a National Bank.
A Sermon on the Blessed Sacrament of the Lord's Supper: ... Taken from Nelson's Excellent Book on the Practice of True Devotion; And from Several Other Books of Favourite Authors.
A Sermon Preach'd on Sunday, April 4, 1742; Before the University of Oxford. by Charles Wesley, ... the Fifth Edition.
Five Minutes Advice to Prayerless Persons and Families. by Robert Hawker, D.D. ... the Fifth Edition
Effective Tax Rate Measures
An Expostulatory Address to All Who Frequent Places of Diversion and Gaming, &c.
Identity, Translation, Embodiment
Music for Saxophone and Harp
A Defence of the Protestant Clergy in the South of Ireland; In Answer to the Charges Against Them, Contained in the Rt. Hon. Henry Grattan's Speeches Relating to Tithes, ... by Authenticus.
The Christian's Universal Prayer. by James Graham, M.D. the Third Edition.
A Lapse of Human Souls in a State of Pre-Existence, the Only Original Sin, and the Ground Work of the Gospel Dispensation.
Sermons on Several Occasions, in Two Volumes, by Henry Wolstenholme, ... Volume 2 of 2
Hydrostatical and Pneumatical Lectures by Roger Cotes ... Published with Notes by His Successor Robert Smith ...
Midnight the Signal in Sixteen Letters to a Lady of Quality in Two Volumes: Volume 1 of 2
Sermons on Several Occasions, in Two Volumes, by Henry Wolstenholme, ... Volume 1 of 2
Disquisitions on Several Subjects. the Third Edition
Subacute Rumen Acidosis in Italian Dairy Herds
Vector Quantization Based Speech Recognition System
A Study in Postmenopausal Malay Women
Electronic Contracting for Inter-Enterprise Collaboration
Tiered Arithmetic and Its Applications
Real Men Seminars Workbook
The Young Gentleman's Astronomy, Chronology, and Dialling, ... by Edward Wells, ... the Second Edition.
Kanaka Blues
Hacking Ma Bell: The First Hacker Newsletter - Youth International Party Line, the First Three Years
Alleluia! a Gospel Diary
Primitive Liberation
Bioplastic Production from Inexpensive Sources
The Ideal Efl Textbook for Critical Thinking
Availability-Aware Provisioning in P-Cycle-Based Mesh Networks
Essential Ion Channel Methods
Culture, Curriculum, and Identity in Education
The Youth's Familiar Guide to Trade and Commerce, as It Is Now Actually Practised by the Most Eminent Merchants. ... by D. Fenning,
Reflections of a Portuguese Upon the Memorial Presented by the Jesuits to His Present Holiness Pope Clement XIII. Translated from the Copy Printed by Authority at Lisbon.
Original Poems; Moral, and Satirical. by Samuel Pattison
The Children's Friend. Translated from the French of M. Berquin; Complete in Four Volumes. Ornamented with Frontispieces. a New Corrected Edition; With Additions. Volume 3 of 4
An Abstract of the Gracious Dealings of God, with Several Eminent Christians, in Their Conversion and Sufferings. Taken from Authentic Manuscripts, ... by Samuel James
Some Account of the Case Between Elizabeth Canning, and Mary Squires; As It Now Stands Upon the Foot of the Evidence Given on Both Sides, Upon the Late Trial at the Old-Bailey
The Children's Friend. Translated from the French of M. Berquin; Complete in Four Volumes. Ornamented with Frontispieces. a New Corrected Edition; With Additions. Volume 4 of 4
The History of France, from the Commencement of the Reign of Lewis XIII. to the General Peace of Munster. ... by Walter Anderson, ... Volume 4 of 5
The British Stage or a Selection of Comedies from Modern Dramatic Writers Published by Lewis Lentin Vol.1
Impact of Poor Political Leadership in Kenya
Soft-Power Resources of the Tibetan Exile Government
Tradition and Modernity in Contemporary Jewish American Literature
Migration ALS Erfolgsgeschichte
Blick Uber Den Tellerrand
Assessing Sustainability Level in Historic Urban Quarters
Handbook of Management Principles
Cortical Electrical Stimulation in Epilepsy Surgery
Peace Through International Criminal Law?
Architecture Without Architecture
Indo-Myanmar Cross-Border Trade
Mineral Economy and Developing Issue of Kachchh Region
Entwicklung Eines Neuen Kryptosystems Am Beispiel Ntru, Die
Literarische Kaffeehaus, Das
Narrating Double Consciousness
An Abstract of the Scheme of Government So Far as It Relates to the Grantees in Trust, for Settling the Land Lying Between Nova-Scotia and the Province of Maine in New-England, in America.
A New History of a True Book in Verse.
General Maxims in Trade, Particularly Applied to the Commerce Between Great Britain and France.
The Play-House: A Satire. Addressed to David Garrick, Esq. ...
Unto the Right Honourable the Lords of Council and Session, the Petition of John Christie Late Tenant in Nethertown of Inverallan, ...
The Dark Penitent's Complaint: Or a Hue and Cry After Charity. Dedicated in Particnlar [sic] to the Honourable and Reputed Charitable. [blank] by H. W. Gent.
The Circular Letter of the Eastern Association, Held at Cambridge, May 13th and 14th, MDCCLXXVII.
An Exercise Against Lying. for the Use of the Charity-Schools. a New Edition.
Pax Vobis: Or, Gospel and Liberty: Against Ancient and Modern Papists. by E. G. Preacher of the Word. the Sixth Editition [Sic], Corrected and Amended.
A Pious and Elaborate Treatise Concerning Prayer; And the Answer of Prayer. Written by ... John Brown, ...
Songs, &c. in the Spirit of the Grotto. Or, an Hour at Weybridge. a Musical Spectacle, as Performed at Sadler's Wells.
A Sermon Preach'd Before the Sons of the Clergy, at Their Anniversary Meeting in the Cathedral-Church of St. Paul, December 6, 1716. by Tho. Bisse,
Summer and August
Union and Peace Recommended; In a Sermon Preach'd to Several Congregations Assembled Together April 17. 1704. by John Piggott. the Second Edition Corrected
Relief: A Christian Literary Expression 4.1
Demystifying Technical Training: Partnership, Strategy, and Execution
Japanese Word Power: Quizzes and Exercises for Building a More Powerful Japanese Vocabulary
Divorce Kids Club
Summer Innocence
The Holy Book of the Beard
Who Killed Kelsey?
The Wisdom of God Manifested in the Works of the Creation. in Two Parts. ... with Answers to Some Objections. by John Ray, ... the Eighth Edition, Corrected
A Military Essay. Containing Reflections on the Raising, Arming, Cloathing, and Discipline of the British Infantry and Cavalry; With Proposals for the Improvement of the Same. by Campbell Dalrymple,
The Complete House-Keeper, and Professed Cook. Calculated for the Greater Ease and Assistance of Ladies, House-Keepers, Cooks, &c. &c. ... by Mary Smith,
The Life of Queen Anne. in Which Is Contained the Most Considerable Transactions of Her Reign, ... Illustrated with All Her Speeches, Messages, Letters,
Letters Concerning the Present State of England. Particularly Respecting the Politics, Arts, Manners, and Literature of the Times
Cultural Differences in Using a Telephone Answering Machine
Essays on the Principles of Morality and Natural Religion. in Two Parts
Protein Sequences and Structures from the Extremophilic Bacteria
Brazil's Ethanol Fuel Program
Louis de Boncur. a Domestick Tale. by Catherine Lara. in Two Volumes. ... Volume 2 of 2
An Answer to the Dissenting Gentleman's Third Letter to the Reverend Mr. White, with Some Occasional Remarks Upon What He Had Advanced Against the Church of England in His First; ... by John Landon,
A Short English Grammar in Two Parts: Simplified to the Capacities of Children: With Notes, and a Great Variety of Exercises Upon a Plan Entirely New. ... by John Hornsey,
Louis de Boncur. a Domestick Tale. by Catherine Lara. in Two Volumes. ... Volume 1 of 2
Extracts of Letters; Chiefly on Religious Subjects. with Meditations on Some Select Passages of Scripture. by Mrs. L-Re
Remarks on the Fourteenth Section of Dr. Priestley's Disquisitions on Matter and Spirit. by Richard Ormerod,
Disputatio Medica Inauguralis, de Diabete; Quam, ... Pro Gradu Doctoris, ... Eruditorum Examini Subjicit Foulkes Currie, ...
Some Thoughts on the Essay on Natural Religion, as Opposed to Divine Revelation. Said to Be Written by the Celebrated Dryden. ... Reprinted, and Answer'd by Alethophilus Gottingensis
Found Porn
I Ain't Got Tired Yet: The Spiritual Battles of Enslaved African Christians and Their Descendants
Johnny Cobb: Confederate Aristocrat
How Did She Get There?
Lost in Yonkers
Governing the Market
Face Processing: Psychological, Neuropsychological, and Applied Perspectives
Anarchist Individualism
Systematic Review of the Effect of Physical Activity on Ovarian Cancer
Plain Directions for Reading the Holy Scripture.
The Psalms of David in Metre. ... Allowed by the Authority of the General Assembly of the Kirk in Scotland, ...
A Specimen of Plain and Practical Catechising; By John McNaight,
Union and Peace Recommended; In a Sermon Preach'd to Several Congregations Assembled Together April 17. 1704. by John Piggott
A Key to Divinity: Or, a Philosophical Essay on Free-Will. by ... William Lord Archbishop of Dublin. Part I.
The Happiness of Britain Illustrated; In a Sermon Preached in the Old Church of Perth, on the Day of Publick Thanksgiving for the Peace, April 25. 1749. by John Warden,
An Earnest Appeal to Men of Reason and Religion. by John Wesley, ... the Seventh Edition
Considerations Concerning the Origine and Cure of Our Church-Divisions. in Two Sermons. the First Preach'd at Petersfield, May 26. 1709, the Second at Wamford [sic], May 11. 1710. ... by John Needham,
Nefol Gennadwri; Neu Copi O Lythyr, Yr Hwn a Gafwyd Dan Garreg, Yn Mha an Y Mae Amryw Gynghorion Da a Buddiol; Eithr Yn Fwyaf Enwedigol Yn Nghylch Cadw Y Sabbath. ...
Die and Be Damned. or an Antidote Against Every Species of Methodism; And Enthusiasm. the Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged by the Author.
Declaration of the Principles and Plan of Parliamentary Reform, Recommended by the Society of the Friends of the People.
Some Considerations Offered Against the Continuance of the Bank of England, in a Letter to a Member of the Present Parliament.
The Semi Globes, or Electrical Orbs. a Poem.
A Brief State of the Produce of the Bridge-House Estate, ... for the Year Ending at Christmas 1798.
Journals of Congress, from Monday, November 29th, to Saturday, December 4th, 1779, Inclusive.
The State of the Clergy, in Virginia, Before the American Revolution.
Husbandry Moralized; Or Pleasant Sunday Reading for a Farmer's Kitchen. Part I.
Merchants of Flesh
The Millionaire Employee Investment Guide: How to Invest Your Way to a Million Dollars While Working for a Paycheck
Excel 2003 at Warp Factor 1
Out of the Box and Loving It!
Grasping Appalachian Conservatism
Caught in the Middle (Peace in the Storm Publishing Presents)
Big Business, Big Responsibilities: From Villains to Visionaries: How Companies are Tackling the World's Greatest Challenges
The Fabric of Her Dancing Shoes
The 2010 Rhysling Anthology
As Clear as Mud: Down-Toearth Communication Skills for Better Relationships
The Art of Making Perfume
Murder at Timber Bridge
Talking Pictures: How to Turn a Trip to the Movies Into a Mission Trip
Assyrians in Western Media, the New York Times: 1851 - 1922
You Did What? Saying 'No' to Conventional Cancer Treatment
An Address to the Right Hon. Henry Grattan, on the Present State of the Roman Catholics of Ireland. by One of That Body.
The Anatomy of the Human Body. with XXXIV Copper-Plates. by W. Cheselden, ... the Third Edition
To the Reverend Doctor James Butler, a Titular Archbishop. from a Friend.
Memoirs of the Most Renowned James Graham, Marquis of Montrose. Translated from the Latin of the Rev. Doctor George Wishart, ... with an Appendix,
The Poetical Works of William Preston, Esq. in Two Volumes. ... Volume 1 of 2
Modern Eden: Or, the Gardener's Universal Guide: Containing Plain and Familiar Instructions, for Performing Every Branch of Gardening, ... by John Rutter, ... and Daniel Carter,
A Treatise on Practical Navigation and Seamanship, ... by William Nichelson, ... to Which Is Added, an Appendix,
An Essay on Regimen. Together with Five Discourses, Medical, Moral, and Philosophical: Serving to Illustrate the Principles and Theory of Philosophical Medicin, ... by Geo. Cheyne,
Belief in Life After Death
Partizipative Projektausgestaltung in Der Deutschen EZ
Collective Security Motivation
Perspectives on Teaching and Researching Translation
Low Power Direct Digital Frequency Synthesizer Using FPGA
Bewertung Von Wandelanleihen
Senilia, Sive Poetica Aliquot in Argumentis Varii Generis Tentamina.
Libert de Conscience Resserre Dans Des Bornes Lgitimes. ... Volume 3 of 3
Groundnut Varieties Development and Evaluation Under Arid Agriclture
Moral Contrasts: Or, the Power of Religion Exemplified Under Different Characters. by William Gilpin, ... the Second Edition
The Children's Friend. Translated from the French of Mr. Berquin, by Lucas Williams, Esq. a New Corrected Edition, with Additions, and Embellished with Forty-Four Copper Plates. Volume 3 of 6
Miscellaneous Pieces, in Two Volumes. ... Volume 1 of 2
Dissertatio Medica Inauguralis, de Febribus Intermittentibus Medendis; Quam, ... Pro Gradu Doctoratus, ... Eruditorum Examini Subjicit Johannes Fawssett, ...
The Art of Pronouncing the French Language with Propriety. by Mr. Du Fresnoy,
Poems on Several Occasions. by Claudero,
The Natural History of Birds. by T. Telltruth. Embellished with Curious Cuts
Plutarchi Chaeronensis Vitarum Parallelarum Delectus, Graece Et Latine. Adduntur Variantes Lectiones Insigniores, Et Doctorum Virorum Notae Et Emendationes. ... Volume 2 of 3
Annals of Scotland. ... by Sir David Dalrymple.
The History of the Anglo-Saxons, from Their First Appearance Above the Elbe, to the Death of Egbert: With a Map of Their Ancient Territory.
Easy Phraseology, for the Use of Young Ladies, Who Intend to Learn the Colloquial Part of the Italian Language. by Joseph Baretti, ...
Safety, Societal Problems and Citizens' Perceptions: New Empirical Data, Theories and Analyses (Governance of Security (Gofs) Research Paper Series, Vol. 3)
A Second Century of Meditations, with Short Prayers Annexed, on Various Subjects. to Which Is Added a PostScript, ... by Benjamin Jenks, ...
The History of the Revolutions of Portugal, from the Foundation of That Kingdom to the Year MDCLXVII. with Letters of Sir Robert Southwell, During His Embassy There, ...
The History of Germany: Being an Account of All the Emperors from Charlemagne to the Present Time. ... by Mr. John Bancks.
An Affectionate Address, Intended to Promote the Piety of Young Christians. Third Edition.
A Brief State of the Produce of the Bridge House Estate ... for the Year Ending Christmas 1799 ... Received Rents and Quit Rents ... Total 9,155.9.3 1/2 ...
A Short Address to the Electors of the City of Dublin. the Second Edition.
A Common Council, Holden in the ... Guildhall 24th February, 1786. the Committee, for Building ... the Bridge at Black Friars Did ... Deliver ... Their Final Report ...
A Letter to the Court of Directors for Affairs of the United Company of Merchants of England Trading to the East Indies. Concerning the Proposed Supervisorship
A Letter of Congratulation to the Reverend Mr. Daniel Burgess, Upon Occasion of the Late Villanous Attempt of Assassination Upon the Right Honourable Mr. Harley.
The Cure of Saul. a Sacred Ode. Written by Dr. Brown. the Music Composed by Mr. Arnold.
A Just and True Answer to a Scandalous Pamphlet Call'd, a Genuine Letter from a Freeman of Bandon to George Faulkner.
Unto the Right Honourable the Lords of Council and Session, the Petition of Patrick Miller Merchant in Edinburgh, and of Mess. Gibson and Balfour, Merchants There, ...
Answers for Helenus Halkerston of Rathillet, Esq; To the Petition of William Lawrie Tenant in Rathillet.
Answers and Defences for His Majesty's Advocate, in Behalf of His Majesty, to the Claim of Thomas Drummond of Logiealmond to the Estate of Drummond and Perth.
Old Times; Or, Every Briton a Soldier. Addressed to the Freeholders and Other Inhabitants Liable to Be Ballotted to Serve in the Militia of the County of Salop. Second Edition, by Rowland Hunt, Esq.
Extract of the Twenty-One Doctrinal Articles of the Augustan or Augsburg Confession; For the Use of the Brethren's Congregations, and in Particular of the Children.
The Works of John Fothergill, ... by John Coakley Lettsom. Volume 1 of 3
A Compleat Treatise on Perspective, in Theory and Practice; On the True Principles of Dr. Brook Taylor. ... in Four Books the Second Edition, Corrected and Improved; With Large Additions
Structures Atomiques Et Electroniques
The Works of John Fothergill, ... by John Coakley Lettsom. Volume 2 of 3
Soziokulturelle Adaptation
Verarbeitung Von Polyamid 66 Mittels Wasserinjektionstechnik
Deutsche Lautenmusik Im Fruhen 16. Jahrhundert
Evolution Im Kunstlichen Okosystem, Die
Messung Und Analyse Von Todesursachendaten
Balanced Scorecard in Der Stationaren Altenpflege, Die
Rolle Und Stellenwert Des Freien Mandats in Reprasentativen Systemen
Rodarte: Mondo Rodarte
Partial Eigenvalue Assignment Problem for the Quadratic Matrix Pencil
Organisational Communication Satisfaction
Synthesis and Characterization of DLC Films Prepared by Pld Method
An Exhortation to All Christian People, to Refrain from Trinitarian Worship
Idolatry Charged Upon Arianism. Two Sermons, Preached at the Cathedral-Church of Hereford, Dec. the 13th and 20th, 1719. by Richard Smalbroke,
Plain Reasons for Being a Christian. the Fourth Edition, Corrected
A True Copy of a Letter Lately Written by Mr. Dowley to Dr. Wells, and Now Published by Dr. Wells, Together with the Doctor's Answer. the Third Edition
Motives to Love and Unity Among Calvinists, Who Differ in Some Points. a Dialogue ... Wherein Is Contained an Answer to Mr. Alverey Jackson's Question Answered, ... by John Brine
de Sacra Vernacula Epistola.
The Bedesman on Nidsyde.
Act of the Synod of Glasgow and Air, for Reviving Piety and Suppressing Immorality. with Several Acts of the General Assembly Referred to Therein.
The Design and Implementation of Multimedia Software with Examples in Java
A Sermon Preach'd the 27th of November, 1713. in Commemoration of the Great and Dreadful Storm in November, 1703. ... by Benjamin Stinton
The Archbishop of Tuam's Answer to Two Objections Lately Made Against His Charitable Address to All Who Are of the Communion of the Church of Rome
A New Method of Catechizing, by Way of Questions Upon the Church Catechism
The Christian Monitor, Containing an Earnest Exhortation to an Holy Life: With Some Directions in Order Thereto. Written in a Plain and Easie Stile, for All Sorts of People
The Grounds of the Catholic Doctrine, Contained in the Profession of Faith, Published by Pope Pius the Fourth: By Way of Question and Answer. the Seventh Edition.
A Sermon Preached at Christ-Church, Dublin, March, 1743. Before the Incorporated Society, for Promoting English Protestant Schools in Ireland. with a Continuation of the Society's Proceedings, 1744
A Present for Your Neighbour; Or, the Right Knowledge of God, and of Ourselves: Opened in a Plain, Practical, and Experimental Manner. by Richard Hill, Esquire. the Sixth Edition
A Companion to the Altar: Shewing the Nature and Necessity of a Sacramental Preparation, in Order to Our Worthy Receiving the Holy Communion. ... the Thirteenth Edition
The Song of the Three Children Paraphras'd. by Marc Le Pla, ... Revis'd and Publish'd by S. Wesley,
The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. by Edward Gibbon, Esq. ... Volume 4 of 6
A Treatise of Military Discipline; In Which Is Laid Down and Explained the Duty of the Officer and Soldier, ... by Humphrey Bland, ... the Fourth Edition
Exercises in Elocution; Selected from Various Authors, and Arranged Under Proper Heads: Intended as a Sequel to ... the Speaker. by William Enfield, ... the Second Edition
The Travels of Hildebrand Bowman, ... Into Carnovirria, Taupiniera, Olfactaria, and Auditante, in New-Zealand; ... Written by Himself;

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